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Project stalling a bit


You probably noticed the project is stalling a bit.

However it is not dead. I am just having a lot to do right now: a new born boy, a math thesis to finish and a full time job.

Coding will resume at a slow pace in January and will probably return to standard early pace by next June.

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-12-10

GMatH 0.3 is out

It's out and check it out ;)

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-10-01

RPMS disappeared

Ok RPMS seem to have disappeared from Matias's page.

Any know why?

Anyway, I will try for 0.3 release to have it RPM friendly. Any help with deb friendly is welcome too.

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-07-25

New people, new blood

Hi guys/garls,

I am pleased to announce that Janko Hauser and Matias Mutchinick are now part of this little project.

Matias has been the first to create rpms and will continue to do so, maybe more?

As for Janko, I have taken the liberty to use his excellent short reference documentation (getting longer by the week) on Numerical Python and integrated it using his tools and the new gtkhtml to obtain something I'd like to call nifty.... read more

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-06-06

RPMS Available

I hope Matias doesn't mind.

But here is his message. I am kindda proud of it even though GMatH is still in its early infancy.


We are an organization that is developing a linux distribution for
science and engineering, our name is GULFI, and we are the linux
users group un the faculty of engineering on the UNAM in mexico.

We have selected GMatH to be a part of our distribution.
This distribution is based on RedHat 6.2, and we have just packed
the RPM of GMatH.
In order to do this we modified a little bit the install script.
You can find the RPM and SRPM at read more

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-04-24

0.2 is out


0.2 is out. From now on, I will be moving with gnome to their 1.2 release.

It is not my greatest release and it is not stable but it will do for a 0.2 version.

Have fun and give help and submit bugs

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-03-11

0.2 Coming soon


Coming soon is the 0.2 version of GMatH.

For now I have decided to post screenshots of development on the main page.

Of course, I am using the new Helix Code packages and they simply rock as can be seen from the screenshot.

After release of version 0.2, I will concentrate on a Yacas session but for now you can check Yacas for yourself at

And by the way, there was a mention of it in the latest Linux Journal, congrats to Ayal.... read more

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-03-09

0.2 pre2

It is out. Please check the release notes for more information.

I hope I will have 0.2 final in a couple of weeks

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-03-02

Version 0.2-pre1 is out!

It is out, as usual check the download section in the project page!

Comments, comments, comments are welcomed!

Help too.

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-01-18

A stupid bug in 0.1 release

There is a very stupid bug in version 0.1.

You can fix this easily by downloading a patch or the latest GMatH commit-version 1.10 from cvs repository!

For more info go to the homepage at:

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-01-05

Announcing 0.1

I have just released version 0.1 of GMatH.

Please look at Release Notes in the project page.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to encourage you to use the project public mailing-list and available project forums to give me some feedback and maybe help if you are interested!

Have fun doing maths like I do!

Posted by Hassan Aurag 2000-01-05

Release of version 0.0.9

I have just released version 0.0.9 of GMatH.

I need feedback and bug reports!

Also help would be appreciated concerning the development of this little piece of software!

Finally, I make a call to all who can make a LOGO for GMatH.

Of course, it should be a nice gnome png based one!


Posted by Hassan Aurag 1999-12-23

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