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Marathon Released

At the moment the binary only version has been released. I'm working on getting the source code package available ASAP.

Posted by Ryan J. Mills 2007-02-11

New Marathon Release

I'm proud to announce the next release of the Marathon 3.x branch. This is an Release Candidate release, as it primarily focuses on bug fixes with little or no new features.

Proceed to the downloads area to get your copy today!

Posted by Ryan J. Mills 2005-08-15

New project leader

The Marathon project has got a new project admin, Ryan Mills the author of rmControls Library ( Because of that, Ryan has deep knowledge of the TrmTreeNonView <-> TrmTreeView combination which is the heart and soul of Marathon.

I will step back from active developing (this is nothing that really hurts the project, because as you all know, I really was not able too help much in the last 2 years due to my job change) and will take on more administrative tasks like web design, doc writing, Want building, forum and tracker work.... read more

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2005-01-10

New Member, rmControls, project status

Hi all,
first let's welcome our new member Ignacio! He has already helped me to improve the build file (you can now use it offline and online)

Thanks to Ryan, there is a new official rmControls available with all our manual bugfixes. So all developers should update to rmControls to 1.91:
Please add the following lines to rmKeyBindings.pas, before installing:
RegisterClass(TrmBindingStorage);... read more

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2003-02-06

Long inactivity period

Hi all,
due to a recent job change I was really busy in the last time and haven't got the time to work actively on Marathon.
I plan to start programming Marathon right after my holidays (3rd week of September).

Tilo Muetze

PS: Every help is still greatly appreciated :)

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-08-24

TDatasetPrint component changes

due to a lot of printing engine changes in the last time it was necessary to update the TDatasetPrint component. Please download and install the updated component to successfully compile Marathon:

Thanks and regards,
Tilo Muetze

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-06-06

New download structure

The download section has been restructured so that we now have two packages:

The 1.5 release and 2.0 Beta are now available in new locations and with new filenames:

This all was necessary to be compatible with the new naming and tag structure of the future 3.x releases.

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-05-10

Some announcements

1. We have a new website
Please check and post suggestions in the forums.

2. From now on we will make binary and source snapshots available. Please have a look:

3. Our docs section has been updated with the content from and also with a very comprehensive article regrading CVS, SHH setup for SF.... read more

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-04-15

Module renamed

All people who want to checkout the originally open-sourced code, please now use "oldsrc" modulename instead of "src".

Thanks and regards,
Tilo Muetze

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-04-13

Delphi 5 compatibility improved

with the greatly appreciated help of Carlos Macao we were able to remove some traps which could be showstoppers for Delphi 5 users. Please also have a look at:
If you still have problems with the Delphi 5 compatibility of the components or the sourcecode please let me know.

Tilo Muetze

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-03-21

New tasks created

I have created some tasks that should help if you want to contribute.
If you got questions please post them in the developers forum.

Thanks and regards,
Tilo Muetze

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-03-13

New module committed

So I finally was able to commit the revised sourcecode.
For more informations you can also visit
which should give you a starting point on how-to setup your environment if you want to contribute.

For all interested in a new release, please hold on a little because there are still some issues that first need to be tackled.

Thanks and regards,
Tilo Muetze

Posted by Tilo Muetze 2002-02-02

Account Open!

SourceForge account open for Marathon

Posted by Patrick O'Keeffe 2001-06-05

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