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GLE 4.2.4b

GLE 4.2.4b has been released. This release fixes a number of small issues with GLE 4.2.4, most notably the compilation error that occurred when using Nokia's Qt 4.8.

Posted by Jan Struyf 2012-01-14

GLE 4.2.4 Released

Dear All,

This is to let you know that GLE 4.2.4 has been released.

New in this release are control constructs (for-next loops, if-then-else, ...) in graph and key blocks, semi-transparent fills and colors (RGBA), the concept of layers for graph blocks, and a new CSV data reader.

For details, please consult the change log at: <>.

Posted by Jan Struyf 2012-01-02

GLE 4.1.0 Release

GLE 4.1.0 has been released. This release significantly improves the graphical user interface QGLE. It adds support for curved arrow heads, auto-scaling of graphs, begin/end object blocks, arbitrary curve fitting, and many other features. Check the changelog at: <> for details.

Posted by Jan Struyf 2007-12-28

GLE 4.0.12 Release

This release introduces QGLE, a previewer and graphical user interface for GLE. It includes many improvements to the graph and key modules, features scalable LaTeX expressions in GLE scripts, and comes with several improvements to the GLE scripting language. A detailed list can be found in the changelog.

Posted by Jan Struyf 2006-09-14

GLE 4.0.11 release

This release adds support for contour plots and 3d plots based on user data. It also adds functions to retrieve the values of command line arguments.

Posted by Jan Struyf 2005-12-17

GLE 4.0.9 release

GLE 4.0.9 has been released with these new features:

* Parser has been significantly improved and gives more informative error messages

>> (22) |x = 64; y = log2(x)|
>> ^
>> Error: call to undefined function 'log2'

* TeX expressions are now included in output by default, use -inc for the "inc way"
* Added option -fullpage
* Added pagesize and margins commands and corresponding config section
* Added function eval(expr$) that evaluates expr$ and returns the result
* Added option "curve angle1 angle2 d1 d2" to commands rline, aline and join
* Fixed grid in log plots
* Added escape sequence \expr{some_exp} that can be used in block commands and inserts the result of evaluating some_exp
* EOF is stripped from .eps if included with postscript command
* Special variables xgmin, xgmax, ygmin, ygmax, xg2min, xg2max, yg2min, yg2max that indicate the graph axis bounds
* Fixed bug in return value of user defined functions
* Fixed bug in loading of certain .tiff files that include alpha data (EXTRASAMPLE_UNASSALPHA)
* Angstrom symbol \AA added
* Rewrote fopen/fread/fclose code based on new tokenizer
* Added "fgetline chan line$" to read an entire line from a line
* Added "ftokenizer chan commentchar spacetokens singletokens" to set up the tokenizer
* Added command line option -c that turns GLE into a calculator
* Added option -gs for fast GhostView previewing (by Axel Rohde) (only on Unix)
* Added rgb255() and rgb() functions
* Added set arrowsize 0.5 arrowangle 30 to control shape of arrows
* Local variables can now be used in graph blocks
* Slope, Offset and R squared values of regression plots can be stored in global variables

Posted by Jan Struyf 2005-08-22

GLE(GLX) 4.0.8 release

GLE 4.0.8 has been released with these new features:

* One executable "gle" instead of one for each driver "gle_ps" and "gle_svg".
* Output to .pdf/.png/.jpeg by linking to GhostScript.
* Support for LaTeX expressions in GLE scripts using the command "tex" or the macro "\tex{}". (Examples can be found here.)
* Support for bitmap import (.jpeg/.png/.tiff/.gif) using the commands "bitmap" and "bitmap_info". (An example can be found here.)
* Options "impulses", "steps", "fsteps", and "hist" for the graph command "dn line".
* Option "round" for the commands "box" and "begin box" to simplify drawing boxes with rounded corners.
* Command "separator" in keys to construct keys with multiple columns. Option "absolute" to the offset command to position the key, e.g., at the bottom-center of the output.
* Function "format$" for formatting numbers (e.g., format$(1/3,"fix 3") = 0.333). Option "format" to the axis graph command to format the labels in a similar way.
* Functions "pagewidth()", "pageheight()", "width(name)", "height(name)", "pointx(name)", "pointy(name)".
* Command "print" for writing to the command prompt.
* Support for config file $GLE_TOP/glerc and $HOME/.glerc (on Unix).

Posted by Jan Struyf 2005-03-18

GLE(GLX) 4.0.7 release

GLE 4.0.7 has been released with these fixes

-no more segmentation fault when encountering some types of errors
-Unix version can now handle dos text mode files, gle, makefmt and fbuild.

Posted by Vincent P. LaBella 2003-12-19

GLE(GLX) 4.0.6 release

new GLE(GLX) 4.0.6 release with these features

-includes makefiles for OS/2
-fix for slow rendering of long complex paths in postscript file. Speed now equivalent to 3.3h.
-tweak to exe and src release filenames i.e gle_version_[src,exe]_[platform]....

Posted by Vincent P. LaBella 2003-12-05

GLE(glx) 4.0.5 release

GLE version 4.0.5 graphics layout engine has be released which fixes compatability issues with unix/linux compilation and old 3.3h version

Posted by Vincent P. LaBella 2003-11-26

GLE(GLX) 4.0.4 release

GLE 4.0.4 has been released. Has minor tweaks to fix compile issues on unix machines.

Posted by Vincent P. LaBella 2003-11-20

gle 4.0

GLE 4.0 has been released. It is primarily a code cleanup with minor feature enhancements. I compiles with the latest versions of MS visual C++ (.net) and (.net 2003) as well as gcc under linux.

Posted by Vincent P. LaBella 2003-11-14

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