#17 Spinner callback not always invoked


When I use a spinner with limits, the spinner's
callback function is not always executed in response
to a spinning event.

I have made a small sample (file 'Bug.cpp'):
1. Two integer spinners, each limited in the
range 0-100.
2. Whenever you increase one spinner, the other
one decrease.
3. The total sum of both spinners should always
remain 100.

In order to invoke the bug, do the following:
1. Spin spinner #2 down to 0 (spinner #1's value
is now 100).
2. Edit spinner #2's textbox and set it to 2
(spinner #1's value is now 98).
3. Spin spinner #2 again to 0 (spinner #1's
value remains 98).

This is my analysis:
1. After you edit the textbox and set it to
2, 'last_int_val' remains 0.
2. When you spin again, 'int_val' is set to 0,
and turns equal to 'last_int_val'.
3. As a result, the function 'do_callbacks'
returns without executing the callback.

See file 'glui_spinner.cpp', function 'do_callbacks',
lines 454-456.
One possible solution is to disable the above lines.
The right solution would probably be to
update 'last_int_val' when the spinner's text is
changed through the textbox (assuming my analysis is
Note that if you set the value to more than 2, then
the bug does not occur. I believe that 'int_val'
doesn't reach 0 in this case, but I have not
investigated that to full extent.


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