Vista Problems

  • Rob

    Rob - 2007-02-06


    Was loving GLtron on my old Win XP machine, and was really looking forward to the performance-boost I was hoping to get when I upgraded to a faster machine with Vista installed.

    My old XP machine had 256 Meg, running at just over 1Mhz, with onboard Graphics; GLtron ran like a dream, nonetheless.

    My new Vista machine had a Gig of RAM, 3.1Mhz, still has onboard graphics, and GLtron's frame-rate is now so low it's become practically unusable.

    Can anyone offer any advice (other than to ditch my new PC)?!



    • Andreas Umbach

      Andreas Umbach - 2007-02-06

      1) Try running GLtron in 'windowed' mode. I've heard some rumours about Vista breaking fullscreen OpenGL apps.
      2) Try visiting your board-manufactorers website for updated drivers, which include decent OpenGL support
      3) Download & install the Quake 3 Arena demo, e.g. from
      Does it run well?

      • Andreas (not planning on getting Vista anytime soon, except if I cave in and buy a new PC)
    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-02-06

      Hi Andreas,

      Thanks for the thoughts.

      I'll give them a go this evening (although I've already updated the Intel 950 Chipset drivers, and it made no real difference).

      I'll report back on my progress :)


    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-02-07



      I again double-checked the Chipset drivers, and I'm told I have the latest installed.

      Tried running in windowed mode, which didn't alter performance at all (unless I run GLtron in the lowest possible res).

      Finally, downloaded Q3 Arena....which runs at an absolutely blistering pace, and puts my Xbox version of Q3 to shame.

      I'm stuck!...And really missiing playing GLtron; any other ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated :)



    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-02-08


      Seeing as I'm no further forward, I've decided to try a new Vid card, as opposed to my on-board solution.

      I've just got myself an ATi Radeon x1600 Pro 256Meg PCIe; I'll be plugging this in when I get home tonight, and will update you guys on the results.



    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2007-02-08

      I too have Vista. I haven't tried GLtron on it yet as I have it on my laptop. Would be nice to see the possiblility in any future. Please keep posting ^^

    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-02-08

      Hey Draken!

      well - I've some very goods news; after the install of my ATi card, GLtron now plays like some kind of mad beast - smooth, fast and beautifully-rendered. Guess the problems stemmed from my on-board Intel graphics engine, after all.

      Weird that other OpenGL kit would run on Vista with no additonal hardware support :-\

      Now - looking forward to future developments :-D

      Many thanks to you guys for the support!


      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2007-02-09

        Thanks for the reports! I'm glad to hear that it works fine on your ATI card now, but the Intel onboard thingie has me worried a bit. Since Quake 3 seems to work fine on that, it has to have something to do with the way I (or rather, SDL) set up OpenGL that breaks on the intel drivers.

        Could you please hook up your monitor to the Intel chipset again, start GLtron and look for something like the following in c:\program files\GLtron\stderr.txt (or wherever Vista makes you install programs...)?

        GL vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
        GL renderer: GeForce 6600/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
        GL version: 2.0.1

        • Andreas

        PS: About upcoming development: I wrote a 2D networking testbed (in Java! gasp! But porting it to C will be simple). The good news: It works great on LAN. The bad news: It breaks horribly over the internet (even with ping times in the range of 50ms). I'll let you guys know when the bugs are fixed.

    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-02-10

      Hi Andreas!

      I'd be happy to unplug my card, and check that for you - will get that done within the next few days.

      In the meantime, if you'd like any beta-testing of the current LAN version done by a third party, I'd be more than happy to volunteer; I've a wireless LAN set up, and I'm sure I could twist my son's arm into a couple of hundred test-games!!

      Cheers for now,


    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2007-02-11

      Oh hell ya... but isn't this a little off topic? ^^


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