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The GLScene v.1.5 for Win32/Win64 is released

The new version 1.5 of GLScene for VCL is released.
Included OpenCL v.2.2 support. Upgraded marching cube methods
for fast isosurface visualisation of voxel models.
Fixed bugs in contouring, updated the code structure,
improved user's instruction on installation and documentation,
Inserted some new sample projects
for Delphi & C++ Builder.
Compiled and debugged under Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4/Berlin 10.1. ... read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2017-01-02

GLScene 1.4 VCL for MS Windows 7/8/10 released

The GLScene 1.4 VCL for MS Windows 7/8/10 is released.
It's compiled and debugged under Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle.
Could be also installed and used with some minor adaptations under Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2..XE8.
Fixed a list of bugs, updated a host of units, improved user's instruction on installation,
inserted new classes for post shaders and GLSL Shaders (Fur,Glass, Toon, Gooch, Spherical Environment Mapping...), upgraded sample projects for Delphi & C++ Builder.
The versions for Lazarus(LCL) and FireMonkey(FMX) are placed in separated branches. ... read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2015-12-08

GLScene v1.3 December 12_2014 for Delphi7 released

The GLScene v1.3 for Borland Delphi7 is released. It's provides the OpenGL based 3D library with upgraded visual components and objects to describe and render 3D scenes in graphic applications for Win32 platform.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2014-12-12

GLScene v1.2 July 2013 released.

The new GLScene v1.2 as an OpenGL based 3D library for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus is released. It provides improved visual components and objects to describe and render 3D scenes in graphic applications for Windows and Linux.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2013-07-31

New GLScene web-site published

This week the new GLScene wikki based web-site has been published.

The new wikki site was designed by Matheus Degiovani with the intention to allow more user interaction with the site. The new web-site is supposed to pull the numerous resources on various web-sites together to form one comprehensive collection of Demos, Help, reference material and tutorials.

We need your help. Especially with the documentation sections. In order to contribute to the web-site you will need to create an account and login first.

Posted by Paul van Dinther 2006-08-14

New GLScene User Demos released

Over time a lot of exciting and useful demo's have been created by users around the GLScene library. These have been collected over he years and restructured with the latest GLScene library. Each of the demos contain both source and the executable so even if you don't have Delphi (yet) you can experience the power of GLScene.

The new Demos can be found in the "User demos" package in the Files section.

Posted by Paul van Dinther 2006-08-03

GLScene is released.

This OpenGL library leverages the power of Delphi's design-time power. 5 years of development with 18 registered developers this super powerful library has never been formally released. If you use Delphi but have never tried GLScene then you probably have missed one of the most significant 3D graphics libraries ever build.

Lately GLScene has enjoyed an increased user base ranging from casual hobbyists to professional software houses having released some very powerful 3D applications based on GLScene. Also the increased popularity of Lazarus (The open source equivalent of Delphi) has driven users to leverage GLScene to build exciting 3D applications. ... read more

Posted by Paul van Dinther 2006-07-13

New GLScene web-site is taking shape

A new Wikki based web-site is being developed by Matheus Degiovani. With the increased activity in the GLScene library it was decided that more immediate input is desired from the GLScene community. This new web-site will eventually replace the old GLScene site. You can admire the beta version of the new website here

Posted by Paul van Dinther 2006-07-02

GLScene Release Candidate published

Currently we are working hard to get a solid first release out. For this to happen we go through a number of release candidates. The scheduled release date is 14 July 2006. You can download the release candidate on the "Files" page under "GLScene RC"

Make sure to check the notes with the release.

Posted by Paul van Dinther 2006-06-29

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