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New release 0.713

Correct a bug in the singleDateIdxAddOn plugin. So nothing big in this delivery...

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2009-05-05

New release 0712: Add WMS 1.1.0 and 1.3.0, quantize gif, com

undrestands WMS 1.1.0 and 1.3.0
improve cache
compress PNG image data(was forgotten before)
quantize gif
publish more info in capabilities ( ressource url, metadata url, style legend url, keywords, etc...)

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2008-05-29

New release 0.707: Support GoogleEarth superOverlays; great!

Support GoogleEarth superOverlays (great!!).

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2007-04-04

New release 0.706: fix file descriptor leak + some improv.

Version 0.706 changes:
- fix file descriptor leak.
- add 'virtual' layers.
- shapefile polygons can be filled.

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2006-05-15

New release 0.644 GoogleEarth optimisation

Release 0.644:
- Improvement of Google Earth servlet: It is now able to restrict the returned area to the layer boundary if this one is smaller.
- The image width and height are also adjusted to avoid sending oversampled data.

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2005-11-29

New release 0.643 GoogleEarth compatible

Release 0.643:
- Fix: orthographic projection was wrong with strange extends
- Added: GoogleEarth servlet.
- Added: 'abstract' in layer.conf, is displayed in the capabilities
- Added: can add a layer logo/credit.

Posted by Lavaux Gilles 2005-11-24