#6 Disable MSAA


A number of tests in glean including:
and possibly

Fail on certain configurations on our driver. theses configurations are configurations that automatically turn on MSAA. As the OrthoPos set of tests appear to be testing perfect rasterisation we concluded that a MSAA configuration could never pass. Simply adding glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE); to the list of disables in each test fixes this issue and seems to be appropriate. Does everyone agree


  • Christopher John Pepper

    Sorry to assign you out of the blue brian, i just wanted to get this moving again.

    If you want me to merge the changes with the most recent master and repost the patch i can do.

  • Brian Paul

    Brian Paul - 2012-03-05

    Simply calling glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE) everywhere will cause unexpected GL errors to be generated when testing a driver that doesn't support MSAA. You should first check if GL_ARB_multisample is supported. Can you attach a patch that does that?

  • Christopher John Pepper

    New Torthpos.cpp with checks around multisampling

  • Christopher John Pepper

    That's a very good point, new file uploaded with haveExtension utility used first

  • Brian Paul

    Brian Paul - 2012-03-13

    Looks like you adde an InStr() function. I don't see where that's used.

    It would be more efficient to query GLUtils::haveExtension("GL_ARB_multisample") once and save the result in a variable rather than call it six times.

  • Christopher John Pepper

    I did consider the inefficiency issue but as it is for each individual test, which could be ran in any order and its only ran in the initialization section of the code I thought it might be an unnecessary optimization.

    However what i didn't consider is the fact that it will get called for each configuration the test is ran with; which does seem pointless. So at the very least each test should have its own member variable. Attached is a possible solution using a shared function, what do you think would be the best solution?

    Apologies for the InStr() function, I added it when I was hand rolling my own check before i discovered the haveExtension function, leaving it in was sloppy, sorry


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