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GLC_Player : 2.0.0 released!

List of the new fonctionnalities :

* Model structure display.
* Model properties display with materials thumbnails view.
* Material modification with the possibility to save these modifications in an Album.
* Objectsl visibility attribute saved in Album.
* Shaders can be applied to objects or for all models, Object's shader saved in Album.
* Use shader for the selections.
* Multi selection.
* Possibility to merge albums.
* Export Album in html.
* Export Album and models to folder.
* Multi Snapshots with rotary motion.... read more

Posted by laumaya 2009-03-04

GLC_Player : 1.6.0 released!

* Add 3DS file format.
* Add STL file format.
* Add OFF file format.
* Correct rendering of non convex polygons from OBJ.
* Add disable quit confirmation setting.
* Add file association under Mac OS X.

Posted by laumaya 2008-08-11

GLC_Player Mac OS X Bug fix

Fix a bug in the Mac OS X bundle :
- Problem while trying to load texture image in different format then .png

Posted by laumaya 2008-05-27

GLC_Player : 1.5.0 released!

* Add Mac OS X 10.5 version.
* Better .obj and .mtl file support.
* Transparency Support.
* If a obj file contains several objects, a mesh is create for each object.
* Possibility to save opened models in an Album.
* 2 sided lighting support.
* Display and edit camera properties.
* Display selected mesh properties.
* Add the possibility to hide an object.
* Reframe on selection with double click.
* Adapt moving motion speed according to current fps.
* Possibility to modify scene lighting.

Posted by laumaya 2008-05-25

GLC_Player 1.0.2 released

Bug fixed :

* Crash after deleting the model of a session with one model.
* Command remains active after new session creation.
* Wrong french documentation URL.

Posted by laumaya 2008-02-13

KDE 4 Test under kde4

GLC_Player as been successfully tested under Kubuntu kde4.
See new screenshot.

Posted by laumaya 2008-02-09

GLC_Player release 1.0.1

New GLC_Player URL :

Posted by laumaya 2008-01-22

GLC_Player release 1.0

This is the first release of GLC_Player.

Posted by laumaya 2008-01-19