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GLC_lib / News: Recent posts

Fix a bug in Windows Installer 1.1.1

Add missing folder "glext" and "lib3ds" in the include folder created by windows installer.

Posted by laumaya 2009-03-10

GLC_lib release 1.1.0

New Features :

* COFF file format support.
* Basic Shader support (GLSL).
* Use Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) instead of display list. If VBO is not supported use Vertex Array.
* Manage transparency by materials.

Enhancements and Bug Fix :

* Reduce memory consumption.
* Reduce 3ds loading time.
* Use selection based on color. Up to 10x faster.

Posted by laumaya 2009-03-04

GLC_lib release 1.0.0

New Features :

* Include lib3ds 1.3 source.
* 3D Studio file format (.3DS) support.
* STL file format. (.STL) support.
* OFF file format (.OFF) support.
* Add a set of geometry tools for non convex polygon partition into triangles.

Enhancements and Bug Fix :

* GLC_Mesh2 vertexs, normals and texture coordinate are now stored as float instead of double.
* OBJ with non convex polygon are now correctly rendered.
* Introduce distinction between points and vectors.
* Introduce glc namespace for function tools and constants.
* Introduce C++ Include conventions.
* Windows manual installation : Add intall target to simplify installation process.... read more

Posted by laumaya 2008-08-11

GLC_lib release 0.9.9

* Mac OS X (intel) Support.
* Add first version of scene graph : GLC_World, GLC_Product GLC_Part and GLC_Node.
* Add the possibility to handle transparent GLC_Geometry in GLC_Collection.
* Add the possibility to hide GLC_Instance from GLC_Collection.
* Add the possibility to create a GLC_World class with GLC_ObjToWorld class.
* More Obj and mtl file type support.
* GLC_Mesh2 internal material are now implicity shared.... read more

Posted by laumaya 2008-05-24

GLC_lib release 0.9.8

New Features :

* Instance support (last step before scene graph)
* Add the possibility to built rotation matrix with Euler angle.

Enhancements and Bug Fix :

* Fix memory leak in GLC_ObjToMesh2 class.
* Code optimisation in GLC_ObjToMesh2 class.
* When a problem occur while loading a OBJ file, add line number in exception description.
* Refactoring class's method..
* Fix some bug in GLC_ImagePlane class.
* Improve selection feedback performance for GLC_Mesh2 selection.... read more

Posted by laumaya 2008-01-18

GLC_lib release

Bug fix in GLC_Texture copy constructor.
This bug cause a crash in GLCviewer when the properties of an object with texture was edited.
Package Updated :

Posted by laumaya 2007-09-07

GLC_lib release 0.9.7

New Features :

* Load OBJ file without normal added.
* Reverse mesh normal.
* Selection feedback.
* Add Exceptions.

Enhancements and Bug Fix :

* Compilation OK with GCC 4.xx
* GLC_ObjToMesh2 completely rewrite.
* GLC_Texture can be creates before OpenGL rendering context.
* GLC_Factory use OpenGL rendering context instead of QGLWidget.

GLC Viewer new features:

* Create GLC_lib primitive (GLC_Point, GLC_Box, GLC_Circle and GLC_Cylinder).
* Edit scene's object.
* Remove a scene object.
* Edit object's material.
* Change background color or texture.
* View/edit camera parameters.
* Reframe on scene or selected Object.
* OBJ file loading in another thread.
* Exception handler when load OBJ file.

Posted by laumaya 2007-09-06

New release coming before end of sommer

Before the end of summmer, a new release off GLC will be coming out.
New Feature and improvement of GLC_lib 0.9.7 :
- Introduction of exceptions.
- GLC_ObjToMesh2 entirely rewrote
- Bugs fix to compile GLC_lib with GCC 4.x
- Rename off all method with an lower case char
- ...

New Feature in GLC_Viewer :
- Loading Obj file in another Thread
- Add Progression bar while loding a file
- Creation off GLC_Lib primitive
- Modifying Backrgound (Color or Picture)
- ...... read more

Posted by laumaya 2007-07-16

SVN Migration complet

SVN migration of the CVS is now complete.
CVS no longer needed.

Posted by laumaya 2007-03-25

SVN Migration

CVS to SVN migration in progress.

Posted by laumaya 2007-03-21

GLC_lib release 0.9.6

See for more informations.

Posted by laumaya 2006-06-05

Win32 Executable installer added

Windows 32 bits Executable installer is now available in the download section.

Posted by laumaya 2006-04-10

GLC_lib release 0.9.5

New GLC_Mesh2 class :
- which support multiple material and texture.
New GLC_ObjToMesh2 Class :
- Support "obj" "mtl" file and texture.

Posted by laumaya 2006-02-28

GLC_Mesh2 Obj with full texture

New Mesh2 feature available from CVS.
GLC_lib 0.9.5 will coming as soon as possible.

Posted by laumaya 2006-02-13