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Uploaded 0.12.2 files again

The original files became corrupt on sf.net.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2005-01-10

gkrellsun v0.12.2 released

Nothing earth-shattering; applied a patch for Debian users among other minor updates.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-09-09

gkrellsun v0.11.2 released

gkrellsun should compile O.K. with gcc-2.95.x. Fixed bugs with large
fonts, config window, disabling toggling Sun/Moon. Remove all shadow
from times regardless of themes.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-05-28

gkrellsun v0.11.1 released

The configuration window layout has changed with more options. The data file format has changed. The old data file will be moved so that users can view it if need be. The Sun and Moon images can be toggled at regular intervals if desired.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-05-15

gkrellsun v0.11.0 released

This version is for use with gkrellm-2.2 and gtk+ 2.4.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-05-07

gkrellsun v0.10.6 released

This version supports i18n, currently only Russian is provided.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-03-04

gkrellsun 0.10.5 released

This release combines gkrellsun and gkrellmoon. The user can click on the Sun/Moon image to toggle between them. The little moon has been removed. gkrellsun is a gkrellm plugin that can show the sunrise/set times and the ETA until sunrise/set. The sun's path and location can also be displayed. The moon's altitude and phase can be displayed.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-03-02

gkrellsun - All releases uploaded to sf.net

I've uploaded the 0.10.? releases to sf.net. The latest is 0.10.4. Enjoy!

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-02-01

Files on sf.net

I'm an admin for gkrellsun finally. I'll be posting the files for 0.10.0+ on sf.net soon.

Posted by Kurt Hindenburg 2004-02-01

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