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New KDE applet and update QDJ released

A brand new KDE applet and a new version of QDJ which are standalone applications to control the Jukebox without a webbrowser has just been released.

GlobeCom AB

Posted by Henrik Johnson 2002-02-21

New stable version 4.0 released

New stable version with new several important
features. Features themability, improved album
handling, icecast support, improved jukebox
sharing, private queues, multiple volume support,
playing of network files with precaching.

GlobeCom AB

Posted by Henrik Johnson 2001-11-06

Version 3.2 as well as a first prerelease of 4.0 available.

Version 3.2 features themeability and simplified installation. Version 4.0 prerelase features IceCast support and private queue per authenticated user capability. Of course both of the release has tons of minor impovements as well.

Posted by Henrik Johnson 2000-07-26

Final prerelase for GlobeCom Jukebox

Major changes include simplified installation, themeability as will as many minor usability enhancements.

Posted by Henrik Johnson 2000-07-15