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renderers can be exchanged at runtime

even it is yet a biut flawky, renderers can now be exchanged at runtime.When this is fixed, we will release the version 0.3. This will contain one new renderer (opengl). The phone renderer will hopefully be ready for 0.4.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2004-04-03

current CVS now builds on Cygwin

We currently try to make gitk to work on windows via cygwin. As of now, it builds and partially runs.
We try to solve the last issues (dll naming schemes) and then head for the next release (0.3).

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2004-03-25

CeBIT 2004 (Hall 11/D31)

Visit us at the CeBIT 2004 fair in Hannover/Germany in Hall 11/D31 (Project 8) until 24.March.2004

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2004-03-21

status report

the current CVS of GITK has many changes:
* the core module can now be built to include an internal http-server
(via libhttpd)
* one can use this frontend to inspect and change a currently running
* view the xml dialog definitions (source and transformed)
* change locale and style on the fly!

I currently investigate how to change the style for gtk+ apps locally.
Further I prepare the software so that renderers can be switched at run-time.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2004-02-03

IRC discussion channel

hi all,

we now have a permanent IRC discussion channel at :
server ist :
port : 6667
channel : #gitk

many thanks to the team and especially to gee!

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-12-19

ANN: gitk-0.2.0 released : many fixes

This release brings many fixes since the first release.
The source-code documentation has been largly updated as well.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-12-16

Homepage redesigned

I finally brushed up the homepage with CSS a bit.
Hope you like it.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-12-05

first file release of gitk project - a tech. preview

I have compiled and released the first set of files for public consumtion.
With this release you can get a preview of gitks idea of platform independent multimodal dialogs.
Personally I hope, that this release will raise public interest in this project a bit, means comments, help, ideas, developers are very welcome.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-10-23

Renderer API extended

new method for querying properties has been added.
this was long due and now many TODOs can be solved and hacks fixed.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-10-13

i18n now via separate namespace

i18n benutzt den namespace vom apache cocoon i18n translator

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-10-13

two new renderer started actively

two more renderer now have sources in cvs. they do nothing yet, but compile and run without crashing ;-)

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-10-09

fixed unicode handling

gitk now has a proper unicode handling.
all internal strings are UTF-8.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-10-08


today we've commited some changes to ensure better compatibillity. gitk compiles on sparc/solaris and i386/suse8.2. others unixes should do as well.
please tell us if you have problems.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-09-30

first filerelease

okay it is just source-docs, but he this sounds like a good start to me.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-09-25

more developers

I welcome our new developers, who are working on a 3d-environment based renderer and on using gitk with real-world examples.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-09-25

2 new developers

hello to the two new developers, who will work on a rendering module (html and phone) each.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2003-05-08


* I added code for doing the domain transformation.
* the gtk renderer can display nexted groups
* I am about to support nested groups in the text renderer

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2002-07-29

speech output via festival

Apart from the usual refactorising here and there, the text-renderer can now do speech output via festival.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2002-05-30

cleanup in CVS

I finally took a stab at removing obsolete files in CVS and fixed portabillity issues in configure stuff

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2002-02-27

gitk-design : events

* now there is a basic characterinput-handler
* thus we can now enter/edit string in both text and gtk+ mode
* the edit data get properly propagated to the tree-model

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2002-02-22

gitk design : callback api

* recently I implemented the callback api
* I have now a simpe example where one can navigate around and triggers simple events.

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2002-01-18

design evolves

we're approaching the cvs import stage

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2001-08-16

initial project setup

initial setup for gitk-project completed

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2001-06-21

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