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j maron
  • j maron

    j maron - 2012-05-08

    I am unable to print from gimp to a pixma ip4820 printer using the gutenprint 

    The software involved is:
            gimp-2.4.5 or gimp-2.6.6 (both give same results)
            Canon ip4800 printer selector and driver

    Printer selection and setup work as expected and the print command stream is
    sent to the printer. The lprng spooler marks the job complete.  But the
    printer produces nothing.

    I believe the problem is an invalid command stream sent to the printer. 
    That is, the start_job XML is not at the head end of the stream but at the
    rear and the end_job XML is missing entirely. The source file involved is
    (I think) print-canon.c. But the code is beyond my ability to debug.

    Some help would be appreciated.

  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    That is a very strange error you are seeing and I am unsure how that appears. The iP4800 printer definition in 5.2.7 (canon-printers.h) has the CANON_CAP_XML capability as expected, and this functionality is identical on any printer using it, not specific to the iP4800. You are correct that the functions are found in print-canon.c.

    5.2.7 may have bugs that have been corrected in 5.2.8-pre1 so if you feel up to it perhaps you could install that package on your system (from source on linux, using the DMG package on MacOSX).
    On the other hand, if I can help you find a workaround, perhaps you can send me a printjob (it appears you are already saving jobs somehow) by email (please use lowest resolution 300dpi mode, just one small page, and zip it up) to, so I can analyse it and compare to the expected results.

    Gernot Hassenpflug
    Canon backend maintainer


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