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Updated patch for 2.7.4

I noticed that the patch for 2.7.4 had some temporary files in it which increased the size a bit. I've removed these and uploaded a new version of the patch.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2012-01-03

Patch for 2.7,4

Today I have released a patch against the 2.7.4 release of gimp. This patch differs only slightly from the previous patch.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2011-12-22

Patch for 2.7.3

I've just uploaded a patch for 2.7.3. This patch also incorporates a fix for an annoying bug. When closing the toolbox window, the window would disappear before any opened images were closed. If there were changes pending, the application would not exit and would result in the toolbox not appearing after subsequent starts. There are still many issues with taskbar entries disappearing.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2011-09-05

Not dead yet

A quick message to say that I am following the 2.8 development and updating the patch as needed. When produce a new release, I will follow with a new patch.

Until then...

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2011-07-26

Precompiled binaries available

Better late than never but precompiled packages of Gimp 2.6 containing my gimp-classic patch can be found at

That is all. Back into hibernation

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2010-08-17