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Version with basic marking support

The basic marking support that was available in early versions of gild has been added to version 2.1.2. This allows instructors to reuse comments and generate html grade files to give back to students. There is a section in the Gild help devoted to marking.

Posted by PRigby 2005-08-24

Older Versions of Gild and another Eclipse 3.1 RC

Version 2.2.0_RC is for Eclipse 3.1

Posted by PRigby 2005-08-04

A RC for Eclipse 3.1

There are some bugs with this version. The Gild task view doesn't work, just use the Eclipse one for now.

Posted by PRigby 2005-08-03

Homepage linked to SF page

Stats should be more meaningful now that downloads and clicks will be recorded.
Thanks Suzanne

Posted by PRigby 2005-07-14

CVS Details

The Gild source is available at
use the anonymous user

Posted by PRigby 2005-03-20

For Documentation and Downloads go to our Home Page.

We are still in the process of moving our content to SourceForge.

Posted by PRigby 2005-03-20