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ghtBackup released!

The new version of ghtBackup was released! Three important features are included now: automatic creation of restore script, error message hidden to don't stop the backup process, and backup of the current folder only. See changelog for details. Enjoy!

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-10-03 Known bugs

I have found only one bug: if you launch a filtered backup (*.txt) of a folder that is the last in the tree, the Script Generator open itself without any rows.
Fixed in next release.

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-09-09

ghtBackup released!

This new version of ghtBackup introduce some new features, useful for most users: Overwrite request, End Copy message and Silent-mode. Also, has been improved the script conversion. See changelog for details. Enjoy with ghtBackup!

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-09-09

ghtBackup released!

This release introduce a new feature, the Filter. With the Filter you can backup for single files o aliases (i.e. *.txt). With this option you cannot interrupt the copy because the Windows system copy dialog don't show itself (the process search in any folder and copy for each one, and if there are a few files the copy is too fast to show the dialog itself).

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-09-01

ghtBackup released!

After another very short while it's time to upgrade ghtBackup to version. No bug fixes (there isn't!) but improvement and new features. See changelog to know wich are.

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-08-25

ghtBackup released!

After a few days from previous release, a new one is already online. The most important feature is the new Script generator, who automate the process of script creation.

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-08-22

ghtBackup website

The ghtBackup website has been uploaded. Visit us at:

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-08-20

First public release

The first public release of ghtBackup has been uploaded and it's ready to work!

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-08-19

Project start

Today the project has been registered and approved!
In a short time the first public release comes published.

Posted by Nicola Vandoni 2003-08-18