#544 panic! 'impossible' happened, thread blocked indefinitely

GHCi (16)

GHCi, version 6.4.1, crashed with the following error:

ghc-6.4.1: panic! (the `impossible' happened, GHC
version 6.4.1):
thread blocked indefinitely

Please report it as a compiler bug to
or http://sourceforge.net/projects/ghc/.

I was calling a test function which was forking a
Thread which was blocking in an 'atomically' waiting
on a TChan.
If I ran the test function a second time, while the
Thread from the first run is presumably still hanging
around, I would receive the above error/crash.

If I reloaded the source in GHCi after running the
test function a single time GHCi would give an error
message (but not crash):

*** Exception: thread blocked indefinitely

Most of the time after the error message there would
be no modules loaded. I could load again, and repeat
the fun.
_Very_ occasionaly the modules would remain loaded and
I could repeat the cycle without having to reload the

Since fixing my test function so the forked Thread
dies at the desired time (ie now it won't be hanging
around blocked on the TChan) I haven't observed the

My email: kgrapone@gmail.com


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Oh, yeah: Running a 32bit Linux 2.6 kernel

  • Simon Marlow

    Simon Marlow - 2005-12-02

    Logged In: YES

    Please can you supply code to reproduce the bug.

    This might be the same bug as #1274506.

  • kgrapone

    kgrapone - 2005-12-05

    Logged In: YES

    Following is a minimal(ish) test case. It behaves a little
    differently from the original, seems to be some timing
    issues involved.
    Running "runTest badLoop" multiple times will eventually
    kill GHCi. Interleaving with "runTest goodLoop" will
    sometimes get you the other effects I mentioned above.

    --BEGIN CODE--
    module Test where

    import Control.Concurrent.STM
    import Control.Concurrent
    import Control.Exception
    import Prelude hiding (catch)

    runTest loop = do
    (tc1, tc2, tmv) <- atomically (do
    tmv <- newEmptyTMVar
    tc1 <- newTChan
    tc2 <- newTChan
    return (tc1, tc2, tmv)
    myTId <- myThreadId
    forkIO (forked loop (tc1, tc2, tmv, myTId))
    atomically (writeTChan tc1 "blah")
    atomically (writeTChan tc1 "blah2")
    return "done"

    forked loop args@(tc1, tc2, tmv, hisTId) = catch ((loop
    args) >>= setTMV . Just) hndlr `finally` setTMV Nothing
    setTMV x = atomically (tryPutTMVar tmv x >>
    return ())
    hndlr (AsyncException ThreadKilled) = return ()
    hndlr e = throwTo
    hisTId e

    goodLoop args@(tc1, tc2, tmv, hisTId) = do
    x <- atomically (readTChan tc1)
    x' <- return $ reverse x
    atomically (writeTChan tc2 x')
    if x == "blah2"
    then return ()
    else goodLoop args

    badLoop args@(tc1, tc2, tmv, hisTId) = do
    x <- atomically (readTChan tc1)
    x' <- return $ reverse x
    atomically (writeTChan tc2 x')
    badLoop args
    --END CODE--


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