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GGMud 0.9.2 released!

A lot of news since 2007 when I officially released on SF the last version, here is a short extract of the changelog for the differences since 0.8.0:

  • Added new lua command filter_function that let you filter every line received from the mud with LUA. Filter function MUST return a boolean, if the boolean is false the filtered text is not show nor processed by the ggmud internal engine.
  • Added a new preset of aliases/triggers/lua script for the italian mud Lumen & Umbra, while these may not be used directly in other muds they are useful for learning some GGMud programming basics.
  • Reduced the size of the default font on Windows and increased the default size of the main window from 600x400 to 800x600.
  • New build system based on CMake, it allows easily to build on linux every GGMud version, the old system is still available using make -f Makefile.legacy.
  • The lua script you specify on the configuration does not need anymore a full absolute path to be loaded, if the script has no path we'll search for it in the GGMud configuration directory.
  • GGMud is now distributed with GTK 2.24.10 on windows.
  • GGMud for OSX is now a NATIVE intel only 10.5+ binary (but you can build yourself an X11 or 10.4 or PPC version from sources if you have the skills to do so).
  • Added menu option to clear the review buffer.
  • Implemented #SLOW, #STEP, #STOP, #OK commands with semantics similar to ZMUD ones:
  • LUA now supports SQL through SQLite3 (builtin) and the official luasql interface (
  • Added new panel for adding/editing/removing substitutions.
  • Variables can now be removed from gui.
  • Now after you click a button the focus will be moved on the input line (and not on the button) and the input line if not empty will be selected.
  • Improved #message command, now the first parameter must be one of info, warning, error (case insensitive) and it determines the icon to use for the (not modal) popup.
  • Added #grep command to search for strings in your review buffer.
  • Now you can specify double quotes or brackets ( "" or [] ) around arguments for lua funcions, this allows you to pass strings containing the , and ) character.
  • Implemented ZMud like review buffer activation and navigation with PGUP/DOWN.
  • Now it's possible to send LARGE quantities of text to the mud through cut&paste without crashing it.
  • New autoupdate function, will ask for the latest version from a support site, this one will open the download page in your browser if you choose to update.
  • Fixed dependencies in makefile.
  • Initial MSP support.
  • Fixed crash with MCCP in certain situations.
  • Added URL detection in output window, URLs will be underlined and clickable if you enable this.
  • Implemented command line switch "-nohome" to tell GGMud to use the program directory to save his config files, this is useful to be able to have a "portable" GGMud on a USB stick.
Posted by Gabriele Greco 2013-06-20

GGMud 0.8.0 released!

Look at the release notes for details, many news, including the native OSX version that does not require X11. Missing packages (rpm, mac-x11...) will be available in the next few days.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2007-12-06

GGMud 0.7 released!

A new binary release it's available, a lot of changes, some not visibile to user. Here some highlights:

- New macro editor, you can bind a macro to any keyboard combination

- MCCP support. GGMud now can use MCCP to save bandwidth with MUDs supporting this standard.

- Socks 4/5 proxy support.

- Totally rewritten GUI code. The GUI code has been migrated to Glade, the gui is now more homogeneous and has many more tooltips and some usability improvements.... read more

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2007-07-26

Source migrated to SVN

The source code of GGMud has been migrated today to SVN, later today I'll add to the source a few updates I've made in these days, every further development of GGMud will be made in the SVN tree, so beware!

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2007-07-03

Source only release 0.6 available!

I've just added to the download page a source only release, dubbed 0.6, with a lot of new features:

- Macro editor
- Socks 4/5 support
- New connection wizard.
- Many interface improvements

Please try it and help us to make a stable 0.6.1!

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2006-10-30

Added rpm to the download page

GGMud is now available also as RPM binary package for linux distos that use this package system, the package should work in any Red Hat distro from 9.0 and on any FC distro or recent Mandrake/Mandiva! The only requirements are GLIBC 2.3 and GTK 2.4.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2006-06-01

Webpage updated

The webpage has been updated with the news of the 0.5, I've also added a new set of screenshot of the new GTK2 engine on the various platforms.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2006-05-31

V0.5: OSX package updated

Updated the OSX app bundle, the older version had a serious bug that caused the requirement of a fink installed gtk+2! Now it should works without any external dependency except the X11 apple server (X11User.pkg on Panther/Tiger installation DVD).

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2006-05-31

Finally the 0.5 release!

I'm releasing after two years in which I've done a LOT of work of the client but all the work has been available only through CVS. This version uses GTK2, has LUA scripting support, includes a lot of improvements like trigger classes, timer events and has a better ANSI parser... The OSX version is distributed as APP Bundle and the Win32 version as self-extracting installer with GTK libs included. It's not as complete as I wanted it to be for the release 1.0 so it's still 0.5!

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2006-05-29

GGMud 0.2.2 released!

This is mostly a bugfix release, the highlights of this release are a better WIN32 support and a new connection handling method.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2004-01-10

GGMud 0.2.1 released!

This is a minor release, not many new features but some bug fix.

I've made this release mostly to fix the "naming" conflicts of the previous releases.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-11-03

Updated GTK win32 libraries

I've just uploaded an updated version of the GTK libraries for Windows, in this version I've fixed a bug in GDK that prevented the KEYPAD walking ggmud feature to work.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-10-21

GGMud 0.2.0 released!

This version includes a new major feature, the #window command, that let you show important informations in new windows avoiding the need to look in the scrollback buffer!

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-10-16

GGMud 0.1.0 released!

GGMud has been updated to 0.1.0, most relevant changes from the latest version are the ZMud import and the improved preferences system.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-10-10

Release 0.1.0 is near!

After the latest additions to the sources I feel that I can increase the release count by a major number...

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-10-08

GTK-libs for Win32

I've just added to the project page the GTK 1.3 libraries for Windows, those libraries are needed to use the Windows version of GGMud.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-10-08

GGMud 0.0.1 released!

This is the first public version of this new, great, multiplatform mud client. It's compatible with the tintin++ command set and has a graphical interface similar to the ZMud one.

Posted by Gabriele Greco 2003-09-30

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