#20 ggiCheckMode with no mode to suggest.

libggi (22)
Peter Rosin

There is a hole in the ggiCheckMode interface.

For the pathological case where a target has no
mode to suggest, there is no documented behaviour
for how ggiCheckMode should behave.

Worse yet, e.g. display-multi with two incompatible
targets (one palette-only, one truecolor-only)
suggests a mode which cannot be set in this case.


  • Christoph Egger

    Christoph Egger - 2006-02-22
    • milestone: --> -current / -devel / -cvs version
  • Christoph Egger

    Christoph Egger - 2006-02-22

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    In display-multi/tile, etc., we should iterate over
    all visuals.
    Each child-visual has to suggest a mode at least,
    thus it should be possible to find a common denominator.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    No, it is *not* always possible to find that common

    $ GGI_DISPLAY="multi:(palemu):(trueemu)" ./demo
    running tests interactively.
    LibGGI: No explicit target specified.
    LibGGI: Try to use display-directx...
    LibGGI: No explicit target specified.
    LibGGI: Try to use display-directx...
    Trying mode F1.[]
    Suggested mode 1440x1080.V1440x1080.F1.D1x1.[C24/24]
    LibGGI: Failed to set mode: 1440x1080.V1440x1080.F1.D1x1.
    Can't set mode

    Yes, I know that this example is pathological, but
    the same thing happens when e.g. visual 1 and 2 are
    on different incompatible X-servers.

    There is no specification on how ggiCheckMode should
    behave in this case, so I don't know how to fix

  • Peter Rosin

    Peter Rosin - 2006-02-24

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    Another example:

    GGI_DISPLAY="multi:(x):(directx)" ./demo

    fails because display-x and display-directx report
    slightly different physical sizes, even when everything
    else is compatible.

    Suggestion: make ggiCheckMode and ggiSetMode in display-
    multi restore GGI_AUTO in the size and dpp fields after
    each call to a child target.

    Pros: it makes the above work
    Cons: ggiCheckMode will return GGI_AUTO in these fields.

    See attached patch. Comments?

  • Peter Rosin

    Peter Rosin - 2006-02-24

    Relax requirements for ggiCheckMode in display-multi.

  • Christoph Egger

    Christoph Egger - 2006-02-28

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    This patch makes the mode/testcase1 regression test fail.
    I fear only a partial rework of the ggiCheckMode()
    specification can fix this properly.

  • Peter Rosin

    Peter Rosin - 2006-02-28

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    I think we need to reserve one specific error code (e.g.
    GGI_ENOTFOUND) for the case where no mode can be suggested,
    or we could fill in the suggested mode with something
    predetermined and impossible.

    We also need to allow ggiCheckMode to return GGI_AUTO for
    (at least) some fields (but of course recommend against
    such practice, if it can be avoided).

    At least that's the minimal interface changes I can
    conjure to plug this interface hole.

  • Peter Rosin

    Peter Rosin - 2006-09-16

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    Consider this example output from the demo app:

    "Visual size is 205 mm x 103 mm (0 means unknown)"

    This little line hints that the regression test is too
    sensitive about GGI_AUTO as size after a call to
    ggiCheckMode, and that the multi-checkmode.patch is OK.

    BTW, this message in the demo app predates the regression
    test by many years.


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