GPS and GSM Tracking (GG-Tracker) / News: Recent posts

OpenGTS/GPRMC and first stable release

Since the first of June 2014 GG-Tracker is now considered stable and compliant with OpenGTS/GPRMC.

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2014-06-08

Complete overhaul

Restarted the project and made it available for a new tracker!

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2013-10-17

Integration with

GG-Tracker now gets its positions from if no location of the GSM CellID can be found in its own database.

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2008-04-03

Statistical data

Added statistical data like topspeeds, distance from home and GSM antennas.

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2008-02-17

Second proper beta release

Only a few minor fixes, no bugs, just to get a better positioning without the GPS connected.

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2008-02-13

First proper beta release

It's out there, it works and I can not find any bugs anymore. It's live at if you like to see it first before installing.

Posted by Ebo Eppenga 2008-02-10