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gfeed-2.5.0 released

Finally, a new release. Contains the exact same code as 2.5.0-pre2, just a bump in version. I am confident that this is a truely STABLE release of gfeed, as I have been using it for 2 months nonstop, and have yet to see a memory leak or a crash not caused by a network problem. So download it!!

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2006-04-13


Released interim release 2.5.0-pre1, adds initial logging functionality and a log of bug fixes, including that annoying multiple-clicks-on-update crash. The final version will have full logging support and a few more bugfixes in the RSS parser when dealing with certain feeds, just have to figure out how to deal with them first :)

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2006-01-18

2.4.3 up for grabs

Some changes, and its the first release in almost 4 months, so be happy :)

1-1-06 gfeed-2.4.3 Released
-Set window icon correctly.
-Few mem leaks and code formatting fixed
-Right-click on an item choice added for opening link in new Firefox tab.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2006-01-01

Debian Package

I have added a Debian package for the latest version of gfeed. If anybody has any suggestions for improvements/bugfixes/whatever for gfeed, I will hear them. My vision of gfeed is mostly complete, and I need new ideas for further development, as evidenced by the long lag in releases :(

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-12-31

IRC Channel

I have created an IRC channel for gfeed support and development on freenode, channel #gfeed. Come stop by.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-12-13

gfeed-2.2.3, agg script

This version introduces the agg feed aggregation script. It basically combines interesting tidbits from feeds into one big feed. I've also fixed a few bugs since the last release.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-06-10


Ok, now we are actually using gnet. This fixes many bugs in loading rss files and such. The only problem now is that we can't load files from the local disk, but that will be fixed when I find the time.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-03-31


This is the first big release in a few months, many big changes, including a systray. The systray is not finalized, I plan to add a popup menu and such later.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-03-29


This is mostly a cleanup release, I made some things smoother and cleaner so that I won't be plagued by problems later when I try to extend. There are no new features or anything, but there was a crash before related to updating too many times that seems to have been fixed.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-01-23

gfeed-2.0.2 Released

This is probably the most exciting release in awhile, since now you can change the background color! It really looks cool now. The next release will have more functionality enhancements rather than purely cosmetic ones.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-01-16

gfeed-2.0.1 Released

Released gfeed-2.0.1. Its been awhile since the last release, but this one has some new config file features that are making gfeed look closer to what I have in mind, as well as making it more customizeable. Hurray!!

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-01-15

gfeed 2.0.0 released

gfeed2 has finally been released, after what, one week? But in that one week, many changes have been made, but it is still recognizable as the one and only GFEED! Just download it and see for yourself.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-31

gfeed-2.0.0-pre1 released

The first prerelease of gfeed2 has come. Features include everything from the previous release and them some, including a better gui and configuration file.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-28

gfeed2 development begins...

I have started development on gfeed2. That means that no new features will go into the regular gfeed 1.2 line, everything is going to be in CVS/gfeed2. Only bugfixes will be added to the stable line, gfeed2 is completely unstable and has major new changes that break almost everything. Do not use it unless you hate yourself.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-24

gfeed 1.2.0

gfeed 1.2.0 is out. New features include support for configuration files and automatic timed updates. Check it out and report bugs you find. Also, the code is pretty simple, so if you have an idea for an update, do it and send in a patch. You will be acknowledged.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-22

No html support planed for near future...

I have removed HTML support from my todo list, as I have encountered many barriers to progress that I do not have patience to deal with atm. I am instead going to concentrate on useability enhancements. I am going to make gfeed read a preference file, and it will load the feed specified in the file and have specified intervals for auto-updating and whatnot. I should have this done by late today or tomorrow.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-21


I am having some problems implementing the HTML parser, either libxml has problems or I am missing something incredibly obvious. Either way, it will not be easy to fix. I am going to take a break for a few hours and come back later to take a fresh look at the code.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-21


I would just like to say, that to anybody using this, I would like you to submit bugs, because I know there are some, so that I can get to work on them.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-19


I am going to be using CVS to maintain gfeed instead of releasing a new version once a week, I will probably release a major new version once every two weeks to a month.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2004-12-11