Tim - 2011-12-30

Get Linux is a small open source download client with a server side
library of operating systems.

Note: The operating systems in Get Linux are NOT affiliated with nor
support Get Linux in anyway.

When selecting a operating system on Get Linux The following three files are downloaded into the client.
Icon.png (64X64)
Image.jpg (328X224)
OS.cfg (Script File)
Note: The three files together are normally under or around 19 KB.

The files are downloaded from the projects SVN on Sourceforge

Note: Get Linux SVN on Sourceforge does NOT contain
the operating systems that can be downloaded from Get Linux.

On start-up Get Linux looks for and reads the Settings.cfg,
Downloads the OSL.cfg and randomly selects a operating system.

If you receive one of the information messages listed below, when starting Get Linux you need to Reconnect the client.
“The operation has timed out”

“The remote name could not be resolved:
"svn.code.sf.net" ”
This will reload the OSL.cfg from the server and randomly select a operating system.