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Better support for Austrian and Swiss varieties

The most recent version adds better support for the Austrian and Swiss varieties of German.

Posted by Jan Schreiber 2016-10-14 Labels: Switzerland Austria CH AT

german.7z download fixed

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that this project's main downloadable file "german.7z", the compressed word list, was broken on all SouceForge mirrors for several days. Hundreds of users worldwide ended up with a corrupted download.
The problem was caused by an upload that was terminated prematurely without notifying me about the failure. Data in the Subversion repository wasn't affected.
The problem is fixed now. I apologize for any inconveniences.
--Jan Schreiber

Posted by Jan Schreiber 2015-09-14 Labels: corrupted download german.7z

Better support for Swiss spellings

The binary Aspell dictionaries now feature greatly improved support for Swiss spellings!

Posted by Jan Schreiber 2010-12-23