#57 Exported image resolution


For making a PCB prototype, I need to make a high resolution graphic image of a PCB that incorporates features from more than one gerber file. Gerbv can display exactly what I want on screen, including selected colors. However, the resolution of an image exported from gerbv (typically less than 100 dpi) is too low for use in this fashion. The ability to specify higher resolution in exported images, preferably up to 600 dpi, would be a major enhancement for my uses.


  • Lloyd Strickler

    Lloyd Strickler - 2010-12-19

    See 3127214 for a "fix"

  • efa

    efa - 2012-07-19

    As a work around, you can export as PDF (or SVG), then open it with GIMP (or Inkscape and "Export as Bitmap .png), select 600 dpi, than save as .png (I suggest keep GIMP antialiasing off, and use indexed images with a max of 1 color/layer+background).
    Then you have to change the colors as you need, in this GIMP is the best (convert to RGB, select color, fill whole selection)

  • Sergey Alyoshin

    Sergey Alyoshin - 2013-08-18
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release (example)
  • Sergey Alyoshin

    Sergey Alyoshin - 2013-08-18

    DPI setting was added in PNG exporting GUI.

  • efa

    efa - 2013-10-02

    just released 2.6.1 (2013-07-22) miss this setting.
    Where can I see the changelog?

  • efa

    efa - 2013-10-02

    I tried to build on Cygwin.
    I got linker error on 'libgerbv.dll.a' because symbol "screen" is not found.
    The symbol is extern and allocated by main.c
    Maybe Makefile miss to link the object that implement this symbol (which one is?)?

  • Sergey Alyoshin

    Sergey Alyoshin - 2013-10-02

    It is my mistake, I should rework patch bb318fbf3a1242eada61af47cec8744823e0645c

    Can you temporary reverse patch it locally?

  • efa

    efa - 2013-10-03

    unable to extract something different than the whole git repository following instruction of web site. I will wait when git sources compile fine

    Last edit: efa 2013-10-03
  • efa

    efa - 2013-10-09

    I installed Mingw+Msys and gtk dev package in msys
    I tested an application using gtk and compile fine on Win32.
    Then just now I re-downloaded git sources, running auotegen I got:

    $ sh autogen.sh
    Checking autopoint version...
    Running autopoint...
    autopoint: Missing version: please specify in configure.ac through a line 'A
    M_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION(x.yy.zz)' the gettext version the package is using

    $ which autopoint

    $ autopoint --version
    /mingw/bin/autopoint (GNU gettext-tools) 0.18.3
    Uses a versions archive in dirxz format.

  • efa

    efa - 2014-01-30

    tested git sources on Win32 (see https://sourceforge.net/p/gerbv/bugs/180/#57c5), it work well exporting PNG up to 1200 dpi.
    Setting 2400 dpi, I got only one layer exported.

  • efa

    efa - 2014-10-29
    Last edit: efa 2014-10-29
  • Sergey Alyoshin

    Sergey Alyoshin - 2014-10-29
    • status: closed --> open

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