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Time Offset is fixed

  • Paul

    Paul - 2008-11-07


    Is there a way to configure the time offset? I have Photos of GMT+7 and the program just gives me GMT+2, which is the Offset for my timezone with DST (which is right for the time of the photos if they where shot here).

    Why does the program assume always the local timezone for the photos?
    How can I change this?


    • Epistémé

      Epistémé - 2008-11-07

      yes it is a problem

      i took some photos before changing to winter time
      i geotag-ed after changing to winter time with a track recorded by my data logger and all my photos wre misplaced


      i use digikam to geotag my photos then they were well placed

      i think digikam use well my linux time and geotag does use well my linux time

      Now i use digikam for settings lat,long,alt
      i use geotag for settings other info direction,location,city,state/province,country

      i have the advantage also that in one operation digikam set also the alt

  • William Blaylock

    I am going to resurrect this topic because there are a huge number of circumstances under which the time offset would be wrong including a shoot recently did basically standing on the time zone line.

    half of the pictures are correctly tagged, the other half have an invalid time compared to the gps which knew side of the line we were on at the time while the camera is not smart enough to know that.

    The cheesy program for my compact camera deals with this quite well even asking if it can go ahead and assume the pictures were taken in order and fix the time offset  automatically based on an offset I enter for the first picture (hours and minutes in case the line crossed is a non standard one, or your camera gained or lost a minute or two along the way).

  • Andreas Schneider


    I'm not sure I understand the problem. The GPS time stamps are always in UTC regardless of your local time. As long as the camera doesn't  change timezones randomly it's always
    GPS time (in UTC) + offset  = camera (local) time
    If your camera gains or loses time you can set a different offset for each image if you want.


  • William Blaylock

    I suppose it is possible given that information that my wife (who normally doesn't worry about such things) had been updating the timezone as we traveled because I had to manually go into the gpx file and move times to make them match the camera times.

    I will check with her and see if she had been keeping the cameras timezone == local time


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