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HI all.
Please accept my gratitude for an excellent piece of software - I simply cann't do without it!!!

It would be nice if GeoRaptor could show raster layers (either from Oracle georaster/ordimage, or just tiffs from a local directory).
I think somethin like that is really missing...

Keep up the good work!!!


  • Simon Greener

    Simon Greener - 2012-10-20
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sggreener
    • milestone: --> Spatial_View
  • Simon Greener

    Simon Greener - 2012-10-20


    I am sorry that I not seen this request before today. We need more helpers on the project.

    I have thought of accessing rasters via a WMS layer implementation. Then, if you had a web server accessing your GeoRasters etc GeoRaptor could access it that way. This is because the original GeoRaptor had the ability to access ArcIMS natively but it has been removed.

    To implement GeoRasters would probably take a fair bit of work. There is a fair bit of open source code around that I could probably use. I would rather not access TIFFs directly from disk because people have already asked for the ability to add shapefiles to the view.... where does one stop? GeoRaptor was designed to help people work the the sdo_geometry datatype within a pl/sql/administration tool. It was not designed to be a GIS.

    So, it is most likely that a WMS adapter would be implemented then native GeoRaster.

    This work, if we could agree on what is to be done would need some sort of financing via http://www.pledgebank.com/



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