gregstef - 2013-02-28

Hi everyone.

I have this situation:
One spatial view with 70 layers (L1...L70), all from Oracle 11.2 DBs (3 in total).
Most of them are from DBs in my LAN.
About 10 of them (say, L10...L20) are from a 'remote' DB (my NAT allows my TNS to see it as local). This DB's connection is not very stable.

My problem is:
Even if I pick only one of my 'local' layers to view and identify, GeoRaptor opens a connection for all the other layers as well, including the 'remote' ones (worksheets for the other schemas pop up in sqldeveloper), which causes the whole app to 'hang' until connection to the 'remote' DB is restored.
This behavior didn't happen in older GeoRaptor versions (I think it started with v.3).

I'd suggest that the approach be: If a layer is not selected for either viewing or identifying, GeoRaptor should not even bother if it actually exists.

Thanks in advance for your help
and THANK YOU for a wonderful app!!!