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Support for Gnulib added

Genparse can now optionally use the GNU Compatibility Library (Gnulib,
see If you want to use it the
new command line switch -g / --gnulib enables it.

If it is set then 5 new types are supported: long int, unsigned long int,
intmax_t, uintmax_t (both defined in Gnulib) and double.

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-10-04

Parameters with optional arguments now supported

Genparse now supports parameters with optional arguments.

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-08-19

No malloc() and strdup() calls generated any more

Genparse no longer generates any code which allocates memory on the heap, i.e. no calls to malloc(), strdup() et al.
Unfortunately this implies that the parser function is changed for the C output. It receives a pointer to an arg_t struct now instead of passing such a struct as the return value. So the parser function changed from

struct arg_t *Cmdline(int argc, char *argv[])


void Cmdline(struct arg_t *my_args, int argc, char *argv[]). ... read more

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-06-23

Project web page updated

The project homepage at has been updated. The examples are now demonstrated at
html versions of the info and man pages and a pdf version of the info pages have been added to the latest release.

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-06-06

Help screen is now configurable

In order to configure the help screen which will be printed when the user specifies a wrong command line argument or gives the --help option add your own #usage section to the genparse file. See updated info or man page for more details.

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-04-21

Java support added

Genparse now also generates Java output. Invoke with -l java.

Posted by Michael Geng 2007-03-12

cppunit test added

Genparse now uses a cppunit ( test in version 0.5.4 (just released).

Posted by Michael Geng 2006-09-28

genparse version 0.5.3 released

Compiles with version 3 of the C++ standard library.
Adds a man page.

Posted by Michael Geng 2006-09-14

Testers wanted for Genparse

Testers are wanted for Genparse, a command-line parser generator. If you have a project that requires a modest number of command line options or switches, Genparse can make your life easier. Currently we support both C and C++. Current release is 0.4, and has not been subjected to rigorous testing. Downloadable tarball and manual found at

Posted by Mike Borella 2000-05-01