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Genmod 1.6 stable

The Genmod 1.6 stable version has been released and the list of fixes is humongous. Too many to list here, so head over to our forum for a complete and detailed list of what is new and what has been fixed. Find the release notes at

Enjoy this release and send us feedback on the forum.

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2008-09-01

Genmod 1.6 beta 2 released

Here is for you a completely new beta version to test. Two major new features have been added:
VFS (Virtual File System)
Media Management

Next to the features a whole long list of bugs that have been squashed.

Try it, enjoy it, tell the world about it.....

Don't forget to visit our forum at


Genmod Development Team

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2008-03-12

Genmod 1.6 beta 1 released

Hello everybody,

A new year, a new Genmod version. Today we have released the first beta of the 1.6 release. With many features added and bugs fixed we hope you will enjoy this release.

********* READ THIS FIRST *********
Before your install, you MUST read this special instruction if you want to upgrade:

Here is a list of things that has changed:... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2008-01-13

Genmod 1.5 beta 1 released

Dear user,

Find here a new release of your favorite genealogy program. Besides the usual bug fixes we have replaced the menu layout to give you more screen space. Security has also been improved to protect your valuable information.

The general search has been given a power boost with the ability to search like Google. Use these operators (+, -, *, "") to find better information.

To get you off on a flying start we introduced the Quick Start. This block is present on the welcome page and gives you the ability to search right way. Use the Google operators and find your relatives even faster.... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2007-06-10

Genmod 1.1 stable released

Dear users,

After the final release of Genmod 1.0 two weeks ago we have fixed a few more bugs found since then. This is mainly a bugfix release though a few new things have been added.

Here is the changelog for this release:

- Fixed paste bug on reports (roland-d)
- Added Reports (made by the PhpGedview team) (sjouke)
- Fixed Genmod terminating on use of Writetolog in DBCheck (sjouke)
- Fixed new table fields always added as last (sjouke)
- Fixed error in footer of popup windows (sjouke)
- Added check and message on admin page for changed language txt files (sjouke)
- Fixed GEDCOM stats showing garbage information (sjouke)
- Fixed facts not updated when made empty in edit_quickupdate (sjouke)
- Fixed missing </span> in view error log on admin page (sjouke)
- Fixed alignment of spouses in ancestry chart (sjouke)
- Fixed Too many facts of close relatives printed on indipage (sjouke)
- Fixed used language list looks messy with many languages used by gedcoms (sjouke)
- Fixed Change language settings: flag and error on language files (sjouke)
- Fixed printing and editing multiple names on individual page (sjouke)
- Added option to backup mediafiles known to Genmod (sjouke)
- Fixed Firstname list in indilist cannot be switched off (sjouke)... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2007-01-21

Genmod 1.0 stable released

Dear users,

Over the past 1,5 year we have been working hard to bring you this stable release of Genmod. We believe that we have achieved most of our original goal which was to provide you a stable and responsive genealogy program. In our effort to make this program an ever more enjoyable experience we continue to strive for this goal.

Many bugs have been fixed, improved existing functionality and new features added. The beta versions combined are showing a total of almost 500 downloads. With this stable release we are hoping many more users will experience Genmod. We are looking forward to your feedback on the program.... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2007-01-07

Genmod 1.0 beta 4 released

Dear user,

Here we present you the beta 4 version of Genmod. We have added a new installation routine which we hope will make the installation and upgrading of Genmod a breeze. Please note that the installation will start only if the folder "install" is present. After installation/upgrading, this folder should be removed.

The display of names has been fixed, it now prints the name according to the user language.... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2006-07-29

Genmod 1.0 beta 3 released

Hello Genealogists,

As per our release schedule, it is time for a new release. Today we have made beta 3 available for download for you.

Due to the large DB changes, it is adviced to do a clean installation. If you have any questions regarding the installation, please post them in the help forum.

All feedback is very appreciated. We still have a long road ahead but we are convinced that we are on the right way in providing you with a great application to keep your family together Smile... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2006-05-07

Genmod 1.0 beta 2 released

Hello all,

The new beta version is out and ready for you to try. The focus is on the stability and performance of the program. We have made many changes towards this goal. The loading speed of the index page has been greatly enhanced. The layout and colour scheme has also been changed.

Have fun with this release and let us know your experiences and feedback.


The Genmod Development Team

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2006-03-12

Genmod 1.0 beta 1 released

Happy New Year to you from the Genmod Development Team. To celebrate this occasion we have released our first beta. Please download the release from the files section at: Enjoy this release and let us know of any issues that you find. You can find the forum at

Kind regards,

Genmod Development Team

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2006-01-01

Genmod 1.0 Alpha released

The day has come that Genmod 1.0 Alpha is seeing the light of day. Proudly we announce the first release to give you a peek preview of what is happening. Most of all, for you to try it out and give us feedback.

What you will find in this release are the first steps of the following RFE's being implemented. Some are fairly complete, others are still in infancy.

* Media management
* HTML E-mail
* Improve/Unify Layout
* Optimize SQL Queries
* Convert gm_changes.php to database
* Logging to database... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2005-11-14

The Genmod project has officially started

The much anticipated day has finally come. The Genmod project is on its way. We, the Genmod Development Team, is pleased that we can start on this new exciting program.

The main question asked is, how different Genmod is or will be compared to PhpGedView. Here are some of the key features of Genmod that will be implemented:
1. Fully database driven (MySQL only)
2. Improved CSS support
3. Centralized error engine
4. Mass updating
5. Enterprise version
6. MySQL optimized
7. Centralized privacy checking
8. Sanity check
9. Central message feed
10. more to come.... ... read more

Posted by Roland Dalmulder 2005-10-31

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