#7 Learning progress indicator


From the Open Forum

"I'd like a way to see my progress. With small files this is easy to do by glancing at how many green, as opposed to yellow or red dots, there are. But with large lists this is difficult. After I study session I can't really tell whether I've improved or whether my total score has gone down. There is a green bar at the bottom that moves up to 100%, but this only shows how many words I've seen, not really how many I know.

Ideally it would be great to keep track of my performance from one session to the next, but in its simplest form, I'd just like to see the percentage of green dots over total dots. "

I support that - the percentage of green dots over total dots displayed in the progress bar is the most useful indication (before we do tracking over time). This should not be difficult and be built into the 1.7 version as well as 2.0.


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