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GeboGebo 1.2 brings its own web server

Due to the many people trying hard and painfully to get tdbengine work with their web server, we decided to pack a small http server with GeboGebo. Now one can run and test GeboGebo without any trouble on any installation. Just unpack the archive and start the web server included. Bingo!

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-06-20

GeboGebo 1.1.2 available now

The new sub version 1.1.2 is mainly intended to fix some bugs. Images now again can be resized manually by applying a second parameter to them. GeboGebo automatically makes a static version of the declared start page in a wiki as index.html in the root directory. By mistake one could use apostrophs and quotes in page names. This is not allowed anymore. Some additional minor bugs have been fixed, too.
For those who dare installing GeboGebo on their own, might be of interest, though.... read more

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-06-01

Version 1.1.1 of GeboGebo available

This new version handles some issues concerning the user management which improve GeboGebo a lot. The wiki hosting service at is running with this new version already.
Optionally a first-activate-account function can be used to select who may and who may not become an user.
A password recovery is also implemented now.
Several bugs had to be fixed, too.

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-04-13

GeboGebo 1.1 brings some great new features

First of all, the editor page has been improved massively. This is, it now has easy-to-understand dialogs for text formatting actions. The Smart-Link dialog allows the selection for an internal link target just by double clicking, in no-time.
The page inclusion command is very useful if existing content shall be re-used on one or more other pages. Some more or less minor bugs were fixed with this release, too.
For those who want to have a simple try first, is already running the new version 1.1 of GeboGebo.

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-03-30

GeboGebo 1.0.3 just released

InterWiki linking is now supported via an intermap.txt file. This allows easy linking to other wikis on the web.
Saving a page is not anymore possible without editing it before. This is to avoid malicious edits (or deletes) by anonymous.
HTML tags now can be dis- or enabled for the whole wiki by a new option in the configuration file.

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-03-15

Release of GeboGebo 1.02

This releases main intense lay on the correctness of its XHTML output, so now it produces w3c conform pages.
Several improvements make working with GeboGebo easier as for example the access keys that are now working.
Some minor bugs were fixed, too.
In addition:
A free wiki hosting service based on GeboGebo is in development and will soon be available at so everyone can easily use GeboGebo without own web space.

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-03-10

GeboGebo 1.0.1

Since the release of version 1.0.1 of GeboGebo, the number of downloads has increased strongly. Not yet any bug report appeared, so it seems to be a quite stable version.
GeboGebo is a wiki, running on a local database which really makes it very fast even on huge WikiWebs.
It has interesting features as for example plugins, macros, namespaces, indexed fulltext search, image/file upload, rss-feeds and many more.
GeboGebo can be downloaded here at or directly from .

Posted by Thomas Friebel 2005-02-27

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