#308 Separate tab options for different languages


Make the setting of tab options configurable for different languages.

For instance, I would like to be able to set tab width to 4 and replace with spaces for Python files but use a width of 8 and NOT replace with spaces for C files.


  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2009-09-21

    You could use project indent prefs to do this - e.g. have a 'python' project.

  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2009-09-21
    • status: open --> pending
  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2009-09-21

    Actually this could be implemented, perhaps as a non-gui pref; but for now I'd use project indent prefs.

  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2009-09-21
    • status: pending --> open
  • Simon Wiles

    Simon Wiles - 2010-09-07

    I'd just like to add +1 for this idea. It's been mentioned a few times (e.g. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1900986&group_id=153444&atid=787794 seems to be the same idea) and would be *really* helpful.

    The project idea is by no means useless, but it's a fairly poor second, for obvious reasons. Right now I'm struggling with a tab-separated file which I'm parsing with a python script, which is indented using spaces - nightmare!! (in fact, I've just given up using geany to open the tabbed file, for the time being - but I'd much rather not!)


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