#871 Can't save file to network resource

General (289)

Version: 0.21 (Fedora 17 x86)
Creating new file, and trying to save it to smb share like: smb://
Clicking on "save" without any errors and any reason...
Debug messages:
12:25:40: Geany CRITICAL : handle_save_as: assertion `NZV(utf8_filename)' failed
12:25:40: Gtk WARNING : Operation not supported by backend


  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-07-06

    The assertion says you have asked to save without a filename which is probably why it doesn't work. But why the GTK dialog returned NULL is the question.

    Exactly what were the steps you used?

  • Anonymous - 2012-07-06

    @denix666 Can you provide a few more details:
    - Remote OS
    - Remote locale if it's not Windows
    - Exact filename of file trying to save
    - Full path being saved to (ie. subdirs on the share)

    Also can you try to save the file straight into where the share is mounted in `~/.gvfs`.

    Any or all of the above info would be useful in tracking down the bug. Thanks!

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-30
    • status: open --> pending
  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-11-06

    Cloased due to no response.

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-11-06
    • status: pending --> closed

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