#104 GeanyVC and Subversion 1.7

geanyvc (6)

As mentionned on github https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/pull/101#issuecomment-25152970 there is a problme with geanyvc + subversion 1.7 + symlinks on Ubuntu 13.04 or 13.10.

Here is my case the diff return that nothing is modified if i open the file from a folder that is a symlink to the original file. If i open the same (modified) file from his original location, the diff function works.


  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2013-10-27

    I had a look and think the problem is simply that GeanyVC just takes the path of the symlink but it better should take the realpath, i.e. resolve the symlink to the physical location of the file.

    Attached is a patch which should do this, right now for SVN only.

    Are you sure this is in any related to Ubuntu 13.04 or 13.10 in terms of 'before it worked'? I don't think it is but rather it is related to Subversion 1.7 and its now top-level .svn directory.
    Because of this, I think (without having verified it) that others VCS supported by GeanyVC are affected as well by this issue. Those we could check and maybe fix after you confirmed the attached fix actually works.

  • b_b

    b_b - 2013-10-27

    Hi Enrico, just tested the patch and it works great, thanks for that :)


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