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gdivelog on Mac OS X (Tiger 10.4.3)

My traditional xmas present to myself this year was an iBook, so I thought I'd try and get gdivelog running on it.

It runs fine under X11 with Darwin Ports (

I will get around to updating the doco at some point, but briefly...

Install X11 server and the development tools from the OS X install DVDs.

Install Darwin Ports. Install libgnomeui and sqlite3 - their prereqs will be installed automatically.... read more

Posted by Simon Naunton 2006-01-01

gdivelog-0.5 released

Also released gdivelog-sensuspro-plugin-0.4, gdivelog-smarttrak-plugin-0.3 and gdivelog-mdbtools-0.6pre1.

Changes have been made to the plugin interface so please use the plugin versions listed above with gdivelog-0.5.

gdivelog-mdbtools-0.6pre1 is required by the gdivelog-smarttrak-plugin-0.3 rpms. It is installed into /opt/gdivelog-mdbtools so as to avoid conflicts with other versions of mdbtools used by other applications.

Posted by Simon Naunton 2005-09-13

Whoops... major bug and a demo logbook.

Discovered that the sites window will crash gdivelog when opened if their are no sites in the logbook. I have fixed this in CVS and will endeavour to create a new release along with some other fixes and enhancements later this week.

I have made a demo logbook available for download on the files page.


Posted by Simon Naunton 2005-09-12

Hello and a "What's happening."

Hi All,

gdivelog has had a few downloads now, so I though it was about time I said something.

I installed ubuntu "breezy badger" 5.10 preview this weeked. gdivelog builds fine with gnome 2.12. There are a couple of GTK warnings that occur every now and then, but seem to have no impact. I shall wait until 5.10 is released before getting rid of them.

I also noticed that debian based distributions already have mdbtools. The bad news is that it is buggy. For an example try using mdb-sql. This has stoped gdivelog-smarttrak-plugn from working by crashing gdivelog when you try to import a SmartTrak logbook. I have updated the documentation with the solution of installing mdbtools into /opt/gdivelog-mdbtools. For consistency, all future releases of mdbtools binary packages and binary packages of any plugin which uses mdbtools will install or look for mdbtools in this location.... read more

Posted by Simon Naunton 2005-09-12

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