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When trying to install the GDesk 0.34 final main app on my Nokia E61 (S60v3) it just says "Unable to install". The same thing happens with both normal and "caps" version (tried after disabling caps with rompatcher), and also when trying to upgrade from 0.33g.


  • DeadMoroz

    DeadMoroz - 2010-05-05

    have you tried to uninstall 0.33g first?

  • Marcus Sundman

    Marcus Sundman - 2010-05-05

    I've (unsuccessfully) tried:
    A) installing 0.34
    B) installing 0.34caps
    C) first installing 0.33g and then upgrading it to 0.34
    D) first installing 0.33g and then upgrading it to 0.34caps

  • DeadMoroz

    DeadMoroz - 2010-05-06

    1. Have you signed caps version before installing?
    2. Have you set 'Install all' (or something like that) in phone settings?

  • Marcus Sundman

    Marcus Sundman - 2010-05-06

    1. No, I have not signed anything. However, IIRC I did something to my phone a long time ago so now even unsigned apps can be installed. I haven't tried installing any unsigned apps in a long time, though.
    2. Yes, and AFAIK the "install all" is needed also for 0.33g.

  • DeadMoroz

    DeadMoroz - 2010-05-07

    Ok. Let's try it this way on more time:
    1. Uninstall gdesk and all it's plugins, if anything installed
    2. Remove (or move to somewhere) from the phone all occurences of 'a000217d' folder in 'private' directory on every disk, i.e. 'c:\private\a000217d','e:\private\a000217d' and so on... (note that if you had any design installed - it will be destroyed, if you just delete this folder)

  • Marcus Sundman

    Marcus Sundman - 2010-09-15

    I have no folder named "private" in the root of any of the "drives" except E: and there is no "a000217d" in that folder either.
    I've now also tried to sign the caps files and still the GDeskS60034.sisx when installing just says "Unable to install" and exits.


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