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GDBI 13 released

GDBI is a genealogy program integrator. It includes an editor and the lifelines report language. It interfaces to 3 GEDCOM databases: phpGedView, GenJ, and jLifelines. At the core is a common Java API to simplify adding more databases and editors.

This release adds an import feature for reading in another GEDCOM. It also has fixes for the merge feature added in the previous release. Import and merge are similar in that they both involve a 2nd GEDCOM. Import is the relatively simple process of adding everything from the 2nd file. A merge requires finding overlapping people in the 2 GEDCOMs, and it allows you to select how much of the 2nd GEDCOM to read in.... read more

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2005-10-12

BKEdit 3 year anniversary

GDBI started off 3 years ago as the BK editor. On Dec 9, 2001, I checked in the first version of

It started as an add-on to jLifelines, but then I ported it to GenJ, and then John Finlay helped port it to PGV. We then moved the code out of jLifelines to GDBI, a new project focussed on using a common GEDCOM API for multiple databases and editors.... read more

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2004-12-13

GDBI version 9 with Taurus FamilyTree

GDBI is now integrated with Taurus FamilyTree:

FamilyTree gives you an explorer view of people in your database. It is run from the Ancestor button in BKEdit.

This version also allows you to maintain a list of logins to PhpGedView servers, and fixes a bug in Find when you try to link to an existing person.

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2004-06-23

GDBI version 7 with multi-lingual support

GDBI now supports multiple languages. Version 7 includes Spanish and a little German, and more languages will be added in future releases.

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2004-02-21

GDBI version 3 with phpGedView CGI interface

This release of GDBI replaces the phpGedView SQL interface with the new CGI interface, which is more useful, since not many users use SQL.

Also, the BKEdit Notes panel is partly implemented.

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2003-10-15

GDBI version 2 with LifeLines reports

This release of GDBI includes the LifeLines genealogy report language. You can run *.ll files on 3 different databases: GenealogyJ, jLifelines, and phpGedView.

Posted by Daniel Kionka 2003-07-01

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