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gnubiff officially released

gnubiff is officially released as the "official" brand new version of gbiff/gbiff2 (that were becoming a bit hard to maintain).
gnubiff is a complete rewrite using C++ and it is quite stable (honest !). Nonetheless, you're welcome to tell me about any bugs you may find.


Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2003-11-07

gbiff2 0.4.0 released

gbiff2 now supports animation and got a brand new website...

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2003-08-12

gbiff2 0.3.0 released

New icons, many bugfixes and German translation added.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2003-07-24

gbiff2 0.2.0

gbiff2 0.2.0 should now work with gnome 2 desktop.
I used a develomment version of gnome 2 for developping the 0.1alpha version and it seems a lot of thing were broken.
Please report any bug you find.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2002-12-03

gbiff2 0.1 alpha release

gbiff has been ported to GNOME 2.0 and GTK 2.0 so the name is now gbiff2. This is an alpha release and I'm waiting for feedback on missing features and/or bugs.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2002-05-06

gbiff 3.1

gbiff 3.1 has been released.
Lot of bug fixes.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2002-04-24

gbiff 3.0

gbiff 3.0 has been released.
There is a major interface change (more compact) because previous one was becoming too big.
Some bugfixes and new features.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-11-21

gbiff 2.6

gbiff 2.6 has been released. Some minor features added and some minor bug fixed.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-09-19

gbiff 2.5

gbiff 2.5 has been released and now supports imap4 protocol. French and base64 support has been added. Some minor bugfixes added too.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-06-07

Help wanted on imap4 protocol

gbiff lacks an imap4 protocol and since I am not able to test it, I am looking for someone who can implement it and test it.
See 'Project Help Wanted' for more details (developer category)

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-03-29

gbiff 2.4a bugfix release

There was a major bug in MH protocol which is now fixed with this release.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-03-23

gbiff 2.4 is out

gbiff now support MH style mail.
RPM packages are available, check for them at

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-03-17

gbiff 2.3

gbiff 2.3 has been released and supports now gnome session. In the same time, gnome is no longer required to compile gbiff.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-03-08

gbiff 2.2

gbiff 2.2 has been released and now has support for qmail-style dir adn gnome panel size and orientation.

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-02-16

GBiff on !

GBiff is now available at
Available versions are 1.0 (non dockable) and 2.1 (gnome dockable)

Posted by Nicolas Rougier 2001-02-08

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