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GAV v0.9.0 is out!

After a *long* wait, the next GAV release is out, available also as binary package from

Version 0.9.0 includes several new features, including better network game handling, preference saving, joystick support, to name a few. As usual, check CHANGELOG for a more comprehensive list.

Posted by alley 2006-05-25

GAV on Mac OS X!!!

Thanks to Tim Douglas (the GAV official package mantainer for MacOSX) GAV version for Mac OS X is ready for donwload!

Posted by Cesare Zavattari 2004-09-06

GAV 0.8.0 released

...yes, it's been a long time, but it's out! This new version:
- fixes some bugs concerning the net
- improves speed a bit (although further improvements should be on the way)
- officially adds sounds
- revised collision mechanism (still not definitive, though)
- improves the AI player
- bears some source code redesign

Posted by alley 2004-04-07

GAV 0.7.3 released!

This release adds versatility in the construction of themes (Check out the sample 'naive' theme), and introduces a workaround for the "ball-stuck-over-the-net" bug.

Posted by alley 2003-08-19

GAV 0.7.2 released

GAV (Gpl Arcade Volleyball) is an object-oriented multiplatform Arcade Volleyball clone. It supports multiplayer and theme customization. With this release, ball speed is selectable and a number of bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Cesare Zavattari 2003-02-26

GAV for Debian

Thanks to Ari Pollak and David Grant's efforts GAV has been
accepted for the Debian 'unstable' branch!
Let's celebrate!

Posted by Tommaso Schiavinotto 2003-02-21

GAV 0.7.1 is out!

GAV 0.7.1 is mainly a bugfix release, addressing
several issues with version 0.7.0. Changes regard
mainly collisions and AI behavior in multiplayer mode.

Posted by alley 2003-02-12

GAV for BeOS!!!

GAV was compiled and tested on the BeOS platform! Go to the download page!

Posted by Cesare Zavattari 2003-02-07

GAV and FSF Directory

GAV was added to the Free Software Fondation's Directory of Free Software (
Thank you Janet!

Posted by Cesare Zavattari 2003-02-05

GAV 0.7.0 released!

This new version should be a real treat... It allows to play over the network, it fixes some (though not all) the bugs in the previous version, and adds several options to personalize the game and/or the look.

Happy playing! Your feedback is welcome.

Posted by alley 2003-02-04

Upcoming new version...

Thanks to the large positive feedback we've had, we have found the time to work a little further on GAV... the CVS already contains severai improvements, while a new version is scheduled to be released very soon. Lots of improvements, some surprise, and a bunch of themes that will be uploaded to Hold on to your breath!

Posted by alley 2003-01-30

GAV 0.6.0 released!

This new version features keys redefinition (finally), theme selection via menu, cooperative multiplayer game, and a little more.

Posted by alley 2002-12-09

GAV for WIN32!!!

GAV was cross-compiled on the Linux platform to generate the windows executable!
The minor changes were included in the version 0.5.1b.

Posted by Cesare Zavattari 2002-11-29

GAV 0.5.1 released!

First GAV (Gpl Arcade Volleyball) version has been released!
We need your help to improve it. Try it!

Posted by Tommaso Schiavinotto 2002-11-26

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