#70 More than one horizontal/vertical view in doc editor

René Witte


Is there a specific reason selecting "Annotations Stack" removes the Annotations List from the view and vice versa? Often, I'd really like to display both at the same time -- it's not like we all have to work on 7" screens?

Cheers, René


  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts - 2010-08-08

    The model adopted by the document editor is that it has three regions - the central view, the horizontal view and the vertical view. Each 'view' is associated with one of these regions, and the editor cannot show more than one view in the same region at the same time. The annotation list and stack views are both horizontal views.

    So the refactoring you're asking for would be to allow each region to have a list of views rather than just one at a time (or at least in the H and V regions, I'm not sure how multiple central views would work)? That sounds reasonable to me, as long as we can come up with a sensible approach to ordering, i.e. if you open both the annotation stack and list, which one appears above the other? Always in the same order as the buttons across the top, stacked in order of opening, or something else?

  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts - 2010-08-08
    • summary: Annotations Stack + Annotations List --> More than one horizontal/vertical view in doc editor
  • René Witte

    René Witte - 2010-08-08

    I see -- I thought the document editor is just the view opened by the "Text" button, and that the central region was already a list of things to display (text, annotations, stack, ...).

    Assuming there might be more views in the future (e.g., new text views, graphical views, whatever), extending the concept to allow to display a list of things seems like a good idea.

    Regarding the ordering, how about assigning each view a weight (similar to how Drupal handles blocks etc., if you know that). The weights could then be exposed in the "Configurations" preferences settings, so that users can change the order to their liking.

  • Thomas Heitz

    Thomas Heitz - 2010-08-09

    There is also a possibility for a top view even if it's not settable from the creole.xml.
    It's used for example in Teamware.
    I plan to use it for the search box instead of having a floating window that hides the text you are searching.
    So it would be useful if by only declaring an horizontal view it could use the bottom view in Teamware and the top view in Developer.

    By the way I would need for the Relation Annotation Tools to be able to have one button that shows two views, one right and one bottom because they should always be shown together.


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