#48 Make document viewing and navigation easier


Currently it is very cumbersome to navigate between documents within a corpus: it is necessary to click several times for this: to display the list of documents for a corpus, load the document, display the document, re-arrange the annotation windows and interesting annotations view as before.

Instead, it would be useful to have a way to specify that one wants to view documents from within a corpus and have them be displayed in a similar way as now.

In addition there should be navigation buttons for skipping to the previous, next document in the corpus according to the current sorting order or according to a result list from a search.
It should be possible in this mode to also make the way how annotation windows are shown and which annotations are highlighted in the document "sticky", so that the view is kept when changing from one document to the next.


  • Thomas Heitz

    Thomas Heitz - 2009-03-13

    The last selected annotation sets from the annotation sets view are now automatically saved.
    When you shift +click on the annotation sets view button in the document editor you get the same selection as before.

  • Mark Fortner

    Mark Fortner - 2009-09-01

    +1 for this. It's more intuitive for users if the documents that make up the corpus appear as children of the corpus node.

  • Johann Petrak

    Johann Petrak - 2009-10-23
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