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Building blocks, small apps, tools, pieces of code

  • LabelPrint: Print n x m labels on page, multipage, adjust margins, whitespace between labels, ...
  • ProbableCause: scan your Gb2 sourcecode for its variables/procedures and show use/unused (NEW TOOL 2015! - version 0.1.0 out for test-use now)
  • barcode (make barcode from numbers)
  • ProductSelect (interface to select POS-style)
  • DBinfoPrint (print info about mysql database)
  • EmptyProject (to start from empty but with About, Changes, License etc)
  • and simple code samples for Gambas2 (-1, -3)

Gambas Almost Means Basic - not yet available in sourceforge Programming Language list.

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Barcode 0.0.7 (EU)
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DBinfoCode: from database structure to Gambas code
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Send mail from Gambas
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Show MySql database information
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Chess Clock running
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ProbableCause 0.1.0

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