#22 gar's PLATFORM variable confuses some build scripts

mGAR v2

In particular, NSS relies heavily on env variables and gmake variables. GAR sets the 'PLATFORM' variable, which confuses it. I believe the root cause of this is that NSS build is broken, but I find it hard to fix. Can GAR use a private prefix instead? For instance, GAR could use a variable named GAR_PLATFORM.


  • wahwah

    wahwah - 2009-12-27

    I didn't notice I wasn't logged in. I'm the reported of this artifact.

  • Dagobert Michelsen

    It may be more useful to clean out the environment with bin/env and explicitily control exported variables. I'll investigate it, but it may take some time. Until then you should filter BUILD_EXPORTS

  • Dagobert Michelsen

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dmichelsen
    • status: open --> open-accepted

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