#285 Scalable size of output


I don't agree into the closed classification of the
"[ 1582562 ] Scalable output " subject.

I apologize not to be clear into my text, fact which
explains that this subject could be confused with a
duplicate of
which is [ 1161335 ] Implementation of vector graphics
export. Subjects are connected but not included just
overlayed a little.

I Explain :
The scalable output format allows to easily re-use the
output into different tools to obtain scalable output
documents. For example
1- acrobaét reader offer option to print to fit the
printer size with an output.
2- if you print to a ps driver (which accepts the full
size of the current ganttproject draw) you can define
into ps driver, the scale option of your output, but it
is the lonely case.
3- If you use other drawing tools which accept vector
graphics you can resize the part of your which is
imported the GanttProject draw if the output is into a
scalable format.

For the moment the lonely way (but which functions
perfectly) is to print with a largeprinter driver in PS3.

My object was different :
- add feature to GanttProject to defined for print and
preview the document size.

Actually the preview of prints allows as the main
screen to reduce or extend the graphic part and change
limits dates, but don't allow to enhance or reduce the
vertically size.
So if you use a A4 printer without any other tool you
will obtain a multiple pages document with any
possibility to change the scale.

In the same way if you print with a "Acrobat distiller"
you will obtain a maximum document size of A3 so the
printed document for a project of 150 lines a maminum
of three pages which are imposible to consult on screen
any size it is (23") because it is into separate pages.
My momentaneous solution is to print to a PS3 driver
for large outputs and convert to pdf via ghostgum and
the n use acrobat reader to print it. The document size
seen by Acrobat is the original fixed size of GanttProject.

With other scalable outputs (pdf, svg ...) you can
easily resize them (keeping image definition because of
the vector format) but using drawing tools.
But the primarly size is defined as fixed size by

But I think more generally cases.

If GanttProject could scale the draw for printing
manual or azutomaticac as acrobat made it should be
easy to fit easily a document for A2,A1,A0 indepedently
of the device. If the output is scalable because in
vectorial format it could be easily resized as defined

As I test a solution (PS3 large size print), it is
possible to print till 200 task planning into vertical A0.

After, the separation into pages could repeat (option)
the calendar with depend line information recall (I can
tell you about because I had to manage and draw more
than 10,000 task programs)

So if I summarize the need is to be able to say to
GanttProject set the scale of the planning to fit for
example A2 format.
So this A2 output is printed on raster printer it will
,if margin are well defined be printed into 4 A4 pages,
Another use is to scale enhanced to print directly to
large format printers (raster, not necessary able to
PS3 or HPGL2) to be able to show and comment planning
to several persons with a great font characters

This feature can be delayed into the development
program because of the solution existence : PS3 driver
+ Ghostgum + acrobat and capacity of this tools-string.


  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2006-10-29

    Logged In: YES

    I am sorry if I misunderstood you. But it is really hard to
    understand a long text overloaded with relatively
    unimportant stuff like PS printers setup. Could you please
    describe briefly what do you want?

    1. Get a scalable vector image of a complete gantt chart of
      your project instead of raster bitmap which you get now.
      Please note that you may use many other good vector image
      viewers/editors for printing such images

    2. Be able to partition your project by hands both
      vertically (that is, how many tasks fit to one page) and
      horizontally (that is, what timeframe is shown on one page)

    3. Get a magic which does item 2 automatically

    Unfortunately I don't think that we'll ever be able to play
    nice with printers (as it is quite resource consuming task)
    so in my opinion it is better to rely on those tools that do
    a better job with them.

  • Trebly

    Trebly - 2006-11-04

    Logged In: YES

    I think that we are near to a good communication about this

    1- about the drivers considerations : it is about the
    immediate solution : is it a way to obtain the result I am
    looking for. The answer is Yes using right tools and I give
    information which could be into FAQ or documentation of the
    project HOW TO.

    2- The problem summarized :
    I think that for the user (general interest) it should be
    very useful to say to the product into print parameter :
    a- to be able to say : output scale : nn%
    b- fit an output size : "I wish an output ISO A1" printed
    on a support A4 (which will need (minimum 8 sheet of paper).
    This is simply calculate the scale

    About 2-a : The image generated by the product is obviously
    stored as text and vectors in memory so when generating an
    image submitted to a printer driver (the current one) the
    scale can be defined at this time (the lonely problem is the
    discontinuity of font sizes, so sometimes the scale can't be
    defined continuously). If the product don't (as now) offers
    this option (generally offered by any drawing tool) as a
    postscript driver allows this to define this parameter if
    the user uses a poscript driver he can choose the scale (but
    the product don't offers a preview)... etc. ghostview and or
    pdf writers give a scaled view of this output so it is
    possible to see the image before physically print the
    document. If the user don't have these tools and only a
    raster printer A4 the preview will show for example that the
    draw needs 15 pages (5 hight and 3 large) with a few
    centimeters on bottom and right pages a print at 90% will
    use 8 pages full format.
    If I can say this it is because I have myself written
    (Pascal object) planning drawing tools using these features
    12 years ago but the problems are exactly the same now, only
    more simple because of drawing objects more sophisticated
    and printer drivers standard information et quality.

    About 2-b : The calculous must use the document margins and
    printer margins to optimize the output to fit a draw format
    on a support format

    It is obvious that in this feature the user has the
    responsability of readability of text and the possible
    option of sizes for text (larger, normal, smaller) depending
    of the output size is another problem (it could be
    interesting to be able to draw A0 or larger with smart text)

    I hope to have been more clear in my explanation.

    I repeat that using different tools it can be possible now
    to obtain good results. But as I have read remarks or
    features requests by other users on this subject (but not
    clear views of the problem), I participate in this subject.
    My position into the project isn't to ask now for myself (my
    own usage) a complex feature, is :
    - to clarify what I feel as a real problem
    - make proposal for axis of development
    - offer solutions at short time (not optimized but way to do)

    Nota : The completely flat text make very difficult to show
    important things, reamrks, nota etc... So as it is sometime
    necessary to make synthesis on subject may be the support
    could be joined files in HTML or other format (openwiki)
    which allow rich text to make it more readable.

  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2006-11-06

    Logged In: YES

    Bernard, imagine that you have a vector image of our Gantt
    chart in SVG format. You can view it in Adobe SVG viewer,
    you can print it the way you wish. You can scale it. You can
    define margins, paper format, etc. Would you be happy in
    this case or still there is anything annoying (except the
    need to use different tool for printing) ?

    I really think that Adobe makes much more great deal with
    printing than we do and it makes no sense to compete with
    them instead of focusing on the things we do better

  • JO3RI

    JO3RI - 2006-11-06

    Logged In: YES

    Same request, scaleable print. This means beeing able to
    choose for "fit to paper size" the whole project when
    printing. So that we don't get multiple papers, but only one
    with the whole project on it.

    look at other programs where you can choose:

    paper fit
    100 %
    90 %
    xx %

    paper size even doesn't matter, as long as you can scale to
    fit paper size.


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