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Added a base package

Hacking away at some tools we had created for our application specific GAMS interface, I have posted a set of basic parsing tools for the GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) program.
The parser can read Tables, Parameters and Scalars. Additionally, an Object was created for each of those data types, and has an associated toString() function which formats it as it should be for GAMS to understand it.
To follow are better documentation and more logical function placement, and more!
Good day to all,
Geoff Granum

Posted by Geoff Granum 2002-09-03

Just Getting Started

Well, welcome and thanks for browsing by. Perhaps you were actually searching for something GAMS related -- if so PLEASE, drop me a line at I would very much like to establish a good estimation of the number of 'active users' of GAMS are out there.
So, here we begin. The SourceForge site is now up and available, and I am in the midst of populating what I am able. I have my own code snippits I will be adding shortly, as well as a more detailed description of my goals in creating this site.... read more

Posted by Geoff Granum 2002-08-29