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  • Thomas J. Sayles

    Please take a few minutes to tell us what you would like in an Internet based space exploration, trading and warfare game. 

    As the creator of GF I have some definite ideas.  For example I want the game to be played out in a single large online Galaxy.  I want players to be able to explore in single ships, setup automatically commanded  trading missions and do battle with massive armadas with and against many other players.  I want system administrators to be able to establish and modify rules for player interactions within their own “sovereign space”.  I want a strong and open authentication system so that players can send their ship(s) to any part of the Galaxy, no matter who is hosting that “sovereign space”.  I want players to be able to design, build and trade their own ships, space stations, and colonies. 

    I have enough ideas to fill numerous pages of notes and plans.  As I find time and help I hope to make these ideas more accessible and turn them into a wonderful game that will be played by people all over the Internet. 

    But YOUR ideas and comments are important contributions to developing a successful game.  So let's hear them.


        Tom Sayles
        Creator, Galactic Frontier

    • Ted Goldenberg

      Ted Goldenberg - 2001-03-26

      I am interested in participating in this project as an Art Director / Designer. However, I would like to know what this game would bring to people that is not already encompassed by the various 3D RTS space battle games out there, notably the upcoming Trade Wars 2.

      • Thomas J. Sayles

            As this is already a recurring question, I'd like to group these questions and their responses under the "Why not the game called, 'X'?"  thread found at:


            Tom Sayles
            Creator, Galactic Frontier


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