gaim vv and winxp sp2

  • Paolo M. Grossholz

    Dear Friends,
    first of all, which are to files to be installed within my OS (WIN XP SP2) ??? Can I use (and how ???) files named libj2k and linphone ???
    What are the features now really working in GAIM for Yahoo Messenger, Msn Messenger and ICQ ???
    Thanks a lot to everybody !!! :-) and please give me an answer. Have a nice day !!! Paolo

    • teolemon

      teolemon - 2005-03-16

      For the moment,it's a linux project(if you have some skills to port it to win32,you're welcome)

      • Tim Ringenbach

        Tim Ringenbach - 2005-03-16

        Eh? we've had some win32 support from the begining, but the msn linphone features weren't amoung them.

        But saying that we're a linux project is a bit of a stretch.

    • teolemon

      teolemon - 2005-03-18

      I shouldn't type faster than I think ;-)
      Yes indeed.
      Btw,if you need help for French translations (docs,sites...) I'm available @ pierre.slamich atttteuh gmail punto com
      (Those spam bots are getting more and more clever :-d)


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