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#5 uninstalling GAG


How do you uninstall GAG safely?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This depends on which OS's you installed in the first place.
    But as a rule if you get a Win98 boot disk, and run
    FDISK /MBR from the DOS prompt this will reset your
    Master Boot Record (the place where most boot loaders
    integrate themselves), however this comes with a caveat. If
    you had multiple OS's on you machine such as Windows
    XP/2000 along with Win98/95 or a Linux Distro, then you will
    now be stuck with only being able to boot from the OS that
    was last set as the main active partition.(Usually the primary
    partition on the Maser HDD on IDE Channel 0) This means
    that your other OS's will no longer be bootable! Obviously
    this is the reson you would employ the services of a boot
    loader in the first place. You can replace the one you
    uninstalled with another though. For more background info
    on how a multibooting OS's are handled via MS and other
    OS's check this site:
    This will tell you which way you should go based on what
    OS's you have currently.
    Before you do any of this, BACKUP ANYTHING IMPORTANT!
    As it's VERY easy to mangle your OS's when your trying to
    get them all working in harmony with each other. Goodluck!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The uninstall instruction states to boot from the disc and
    choose option 5. However the boot alway's bring me to the
    Graphical Boot Manager. Unable to access the initial
    startup instruction that would had allowed me to get to
    Option 5.

    Tried the following to get to Option 5:
    deleted all boot systems:
    tried to set option to boot from the floppy, but it keep
    brigning me back to the Graphical Boot Manager.
    It's like a dog trying to catch his tail. -:)

  • jfw06013

    jfw06013 - 2005-11-13

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    I just re-installed the OS to fix it.

  • jfw06013

    jfw06013 - 2005-11-13
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  • JT Moree

    JT Moree - 2006-11-25

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    I just ran into this. I am using vmware to test so there is NO OS installed at all. I am pointing to the cdrom.iso file that is distributed with 4.7. the procedure to reproduce:
    1) Use vmware to create a new virtual machine
    2) set the cdrom device to use the cdrom.iso file
    3) boot the machine and GAG will run fromm cdrom (iso image)
    4) Do not install yet. reboot with different version of GAG and install it
    5) reboot with 4.7 version of GAG and it seems like it will NO longer boot from the cdrom (iso image). The older version of GAG will always show up on the screen.

    I suspect the cdrom image is being booted and that GAG on the CD is running the GAG on the hard drive.

    The original poster was having exactly this problem. The GAG installed in the MBR was always running and he could not get to the uninstall on the cdrom.iso version.


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