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Introduction - GM7 Daemon

This software is meant to be used to be used with the Xtreme GM7 GPS tracker. A GPS tracker that is perfect for use a theft alarm on vehicles. The tracker has very good battery life and is among the most feature rich GPS tracker as of now. The tracker does not come with any server software to help simplify its management and all management has to be done by sending text messages over the phone (or serial cable) using commands that are very tedious and error prone.

Enter g7ctrl server daemon and command shell. This daemon has two main functions 1) allow easy (or at least easier) configuration of the device without having to remember all tedious details of all commands and 2) can act as a socket server that can receive location updates from a remote tracker in real time to be able to , well, track your stolen vehicle.

GM7 GPS Tracker

The software is intended to be run as a GNU/Linux service (a.k.a. a daemon) that always runs in the background. The server has a small footprint and makes very little use of system resources. It should therefore be possible to run the daemon unnoticed and on virtually any GNU/Linux systems.


  • Handle communication with the device over a USB cable to both control and query the device. The commands set supports the complete internal command set understood by the device.
  • Act as a control center that receives automatic location updates from the device and stores them in a database. To have this functionality the device must first be setup to send data over a GPRS connection to the server.
  • Control the device over TCP/IP when the device has an active GPRS connection. This allows controlling the device remotely without having to use text messages. This can also allow predefined actions to be performed on the device when certain events occur.
  • Exporting the stored location data to several popular geo-location file exchange formats such as GPX (GPS Exchange Format) or KML (used by Google Earth).
  • Calculate the traveled distance for a set of locations.
  • The control center can send mails to one or more predefined addresses one certain events such as alarms or notifications.
  • Send mail with attachment of exported (and compressed) track data. This makes it easy to immediately gain access to tracked location even if the server will not allow outside access to read an exported file.
  • Get regular mail updates on the status and location of the tracker
  • The ability to execute user specified functions on defined events received from the device
  • Remote access to the daemon over a TCP/IP link. This could allow an administrator to configure a device remotely for a co-worker with no detailed technical knowledge of the device using the full functionality of the software.
  • Setup predefined command sets to control the device
  • Ability to run user defined scripts as reaction to received tracker event such as alarms which for example could be made to have the computer sound an audible alarm.


The daemon and command shell is thoroughly documented in a manual/handbook as well as Unix man pages.

Binary Download

Debian/Ubuntu packages available at PPA "ppa:johan162/g7ctrl". Executing the following lines will install the daemon on "Trusty Tahr"

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:johan162/g7ctrl
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install g7ctrl

Packages are also available for OpenSuSE 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 13.1
NOTE: 3.3.2 will be the last version officially supporting OpenSuSE

RPM Download

Source Download: